Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder – Seed Plate Guides


Not sure what size Kwik Klik™️ Seed Plate to order? 

Our Seed Plates Guides making sizing easy.

Simply add your seeds to the guides to determine which hole size is appropriate for the crop you want to grow.




Our set of three seed plate guides (one for each Top Plate thickness — 1.5mm, 3mm, and 6mm) will allow you to experiment with your seeds and customize the Kwik Klik™️ Top Plates for your exact needs. 

With each order of Seed Plate Guides, you will receive a $10 credit toward the future purchase of a Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder.


For more information, you can also watch the 15-minute video below, which describes the Top Plate customization process in greater detail.



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