Are the Time Savings Worth it? A look at time savings transplanting versus time spent weeding.

One big question that keeps coming up is how do you deal with weeds when you use the paperpot transplanter?

Historically Curtis has used landscape fabric to manage his weed pressure, and that’s worked great, but now that he is using the paperpot transplanter he can no longer use landscape fabric on his beds.

That leaves him with a trade off – Do the time savings transplnating with tthe paperpot transplanter outweigh the time now spent control weeds?

So far, the answer is YES.

It’s faster to use the paperpot transplanter on the beds and manually weed the beds than it is to hand transplant and control weeds plassively with landscape fabric.

Here’s a look at the time involved:

  • Transplanting a into a 50ft. bed covered in landscape fabric by hand – 1 hour
  • Maintenance weeding – Minimal
  • Total time – 1 hour
  • Transplanting into a 50ft. bed with the paperpot transplanter – 10 minutes
  • Maintenance weeding – 10 minutes
  • Total time – 20 minutes

One hour versus twenty minutes – overall the time spent transplanting with the transplanter and manually weeding is still 1/3 of the total time it would have taken transplanting by hand.  The maintenance weed times should continue to improve over time as weed pressure goes down in each of the beds from minimal tillage and continued cultivation.  This advantage won’t happen with hand transplanting because that can only be done so fast – meaning it doesn’t get dramatically faster over time.

Regardless of whether you use the paperpot transplanter or not, getting your weed pressure under control is a game changer and will help farm become more efficient and profitable.  When you couple reduced weed pressure with the paperpot transplanter, you become even more efficient.

Watch one of Curtis’s latest trials testing out this their in the field.