Product Information

How do I assemble the HP-16 Paperpot Transplanter?

Assembly of your new HP-16 transplanter is straightforward and simple.

All bolts come pre-assembled on the transplater in their final locations, you just need to remove the bolts to put the pieces together.

Although two wrenches are included with the unit, we recommend that you begin assembly with a socket wrench, a 13mm socket, a 10mm socket, and a crescent wrench or 10, 13mm wrench.  These tools will help speed up the build.

In total assembly should take less than 30 minutes for a single person, and having a second person will make the process easier and faster.

You can watch an assembly video for the transplanter on this page

You can also download assembly instructions: 

Paperpot Transplanter Assembly Instructions

How many rows can I fit in a standard 30″ bed?

You can comfortably fit up to 5 rows in a standard 30″ bed.   

Can your nursery flats be used for microgreens?

Yes, Curtis and many other growers are using these nursery flats for microgreen production.  They are a thicker plastic and should outlast standard 10/20 shallow germination trays.  Note: These nursery flats have about 20% more growing space than a standard 10/20 flat, so factor that into your calculations when planning on how many trays you need. 

Can the paper chain pots be used on Certified Organic Farms?

It depends.  There are several certifying bodies across the U.S. who have paper chain pots on their approved materials list.  Those organizations included MOSA and MOFGA.  The product is also accepted for use on Certified Naturally Grown farms.

It is best to check with your certifying body first, prior to purchase if this is a concern.  Given the precedence of certification by other certifying bodies, it’s likely that your certifying body may follow suit and add this product to their approved material list.  

We are happy to provide a sample of the product to provide to your certifier for the approval process.  

How long are the paper chain pots?

We sell three types of paper chain pots.  Each chain pot has 264 cells, but the spacing of those cells varies between the model of chain pot.  Spacings are 2″, 4″ and 6″.  The total length of those unraveled chains are 44′, 88′ and 132′ respectively.  

What happens to the paper chain pots in the field?  Do they breakdown?

Most growers, growing your standard market garden type crops (root vegetables, greens, herbs), end up removing the paper chain pots when they turn over a bed.  At that time the paper chain pots can be composted with the left over vegetable matter or discarded.  It would be rare for a paper chain to completely break down in a short term crops lifespan.

Orders Questions and International Shipping

Do you ship internationally?  

Yes, but…

We ship to Canada and the shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart based on order weight.

We cannot ship to AFRICA or EUROPE.

For other countries orders are custom quoted for shipping.


Cost. Given our experience the cost of shipping, customs and taxes simply adds too much to the cost of the product and very few customers are willing to pay the high shipping costs.

If you are located in Europe.

Your best bet is to go with Terrateck (www.terrateck.com) since they are in France.  It will be too expensive for us to ship over there given the size and weight.

Terrateck is a solid company doing great work in this space and they supply and manufacture the paperpot transplater in Europe.

You can contact Romain Wittrisch at Terrateck via romain.wittrisch@terrateck.com and he can help supply you with product or answer questions.


How much do we charge for shipping?

For all contiguous United States orders we charge a flat fee of $20 per shipment regardless of order size; 1 package or 100 costs you $20 to have it shipped to you.  This does not include the states of Hawaii or Alaska, or any APO/FPO/DPO addresses or any US territories.  All of those rates are calculated based on location and are treated the same way as international orders.

How Can I Return a Product?

We don’t accept returns on products unless products arrive damaged.  If you are in the unlikely scenario of receiving a damaged product, then contact us and we can help with the issue.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

You can contact Diego via email – hello@paperpot.co or 619.289.9381