Paperpot Transplanter Hack #2: Skip Plates for Seeding Every Other Cell

In this blog series, we’ll be taking a few Paperpot Transplanter tips to make transplanting easier from farmer and Paperpot Co. Content Creator, Seth Davis. 

Seth has farmed on many different climates in many different contexts all across the US and Canada from Tennessee to California to Kelowna, BC, from heavy clay to sandy soils. Because of that, he has picked up a few Paperpot Transplanting tricks along the way. 

Getting Wider Spacings with Paper Chains

Have you ever wanted to use your Paperpot Transplanter for crops with wider spacings than 6”?

If so, Paperpot Co. has you covered! You can order customized skip plates to accomplish this. 

Skip Plates refer to the top plate of the Kwik Klik Drop Seeder that has been custom-made to seed every other cell in the paperpot tray.

8” in-row spacing (for crops like head lettuce) can be accomplished by seeding every other cell in 4” paper chain pots. 12” in-row spacing (for crops like early cabbage) can be accomplished by seeding every other cell in 6” paper chain pots.

This can be done by hand, but that becomes labor-intensive and also negates all the time saved with the Paperpot system. Another option is using painter’s tape over every other hole in the top plate. This isn’t exactly ideal either and also takes extra time. 

If you want a quick, smooth workflow, and you’re regularly growing crops that require wider in-row spacing, your best bet would be to custom order the skip plates you need.

Skip plates will guarantee fast and accurate seeding every time for those wider spaced crops. 

Here are some pictures to get a good visual understanding of how cells in the paper chain pots are laid out, and how to seed every other cell:

how paper chain pots work
planting every other cell paper chain pot
planting every third cell paper chain pots

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