Drop Seeder Plates (Various Sizes)


Save seed and give your drop seeder more versatility with our interchangeable plates.

Simply match the seed plate hole size with corresponding seed size in order to find the correct fit for a single cell size or fine-tune the number of seeds per cell – many or few.

The seed plates easily remove from the drop seeder unit and can be swapped on the fly in seconds.

Discounted pricing for each plate ordered.


Quantity Based Pricing

Quantity 2 3 4 5 +
Price $85.00USD $80.00USD $75.00USD $70.00USD


Discounted Pricing Based on Total Plates Orders:

  • 1 Plate – $89 Each
  • 2 Plates – $85 Each
  • 3 Plates – $80 Each
  • 4 Plates – $75 Each
  • 5 Plates – $70 Each



1. Start by noting the shape of the seed:

    • Round – like kale
    • Rough – like beets
    • Elongated – like lettuce
    • Triangular – like onions

In general round and triangular seeds perform better in the drop seeder than rough or elongated seeds.

If seeds are rough (beet) or elongated (lettuce), then you will have better success using a pelleted version of that seed especially if you are going for singulation.


2.  Determine the seed size.

Use the chart below to determine your seed’s size or to compare with the seed you are using.

Tiny seeds like amaranth and basil will work in the seeder, but based on our trials static electricity creates some issues, so with tiny seeds like amaranth, it may be easier to seed by hand AND/OR switch to pelleted seed.




3.  How many seeds do you want per cell?.

  • 1 seed per cell – Try to match the hole diameter to the seed size.  Make sure that the hole diameter is larger than the seed size.
  • Multiple seeds per cell – Oversize the seed plate to allow it to hold multiple seeds.

All seeds plates are 3mm thick.

If seeds are rough (beet) or elongated (lettuce), then you will have better success using a pelleted version of that seed especially if you are going for singulation.

If you want to singulate small seeds (less than 3.0mm in size), then you need to get pelleted seed, because even with a 2mm plate you are likely to get 2-4 seeds per cell.


4.  Select a Drop Seeder Plate:

Please note seed size varies widely and the crops listed below are suggested crops for each size plate.  Please use measurements and the chart to select the correct plate size.

  • 2mm: designed for smaller seeds such as Brassicas, scallions, kale, shallots, turnips, broccoli, celery, and onions.  Also useful when you need a small number of small seeds in a cell.  Singulation can be tough with small seeds, so expect 2-4 seeds of crops like Brassicas, onions, and leeks per cell.  If you want true singulation, then you are better off using pelleted seed.
  • 3mm: designed for smaller seeds such as onions, shallots, and radish.
  • 4.5mm: designed for most pelleted seeds such as Salanova.  It also works well with spinach, cilantro, and beets.
  • 6mm: designed for larger seeds and large pelleted seeds such as beets and fennel, and with microgreens.
  • 8mm: designed for larger seeds and microgreens with the ability to put down a lot of seed in one drop.  Learn more about using the drop seeder for microgreens.
  • 4.5mm Skip: With only 132 holes this plate is designed to seed every other cell of a paperchain giving you the ability to create in row spacings of 8″ or 12″.  4.5mm is the perfect size for Salanova.


5.  Need a Custom Plate?

We can make custom plates to order – just send us an email and let us know what you are looking.


Note: This product is the seed plate only and the drop seeder unit is required to use this seed plate.  


Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 3 in

2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 4.5mm Skip


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