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Upgrade your Jang JP1 or JP5 seeder to make them even more efficient.

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Jang Double-Disc Opening Shoe

The Jang Double-Disc Opening Shoe improves the performance of the JP1 when there is minor debris present in the soil.

The discs cut through the soil as opposed to plowing through the soil like the Standard Shoe.

If you are farming a no-till style and leave the previous crop roots in the soil, then the Double-Disc will help the seeder cut through the debris making the seeder easier to use.

The Double-Disc can easily be swapped out with the Standard Shoe in seconds giving your JP1 more versatility.

Works with the JP1 and JP3.

Jang Double Disc



Jang Kickstand

Tired of having your JP1 fall over when you are trying to change seeds in the field?

Or do you want to be able to leave it sitting upright when you aren’t using it?

The Kickstand for the Jang JP1 solves that problem.

Installs easily in a few minutes to your seeder. No extra hardware or seeder modifications are needed.

Works only on the JP1 and TD1.

Jang JP1 Kickstand


Jang Hopper

Improve farm efficiency by swapping out hoppers while leaving seeds and the seeder roller in the hopper.

We have found that some farms like to have multiple hoppers each with a specific roller in them.

The farmer stores these hoppers with the seed and roller intact and when it is time to plant that crop they simply swap out the hoppers versus emptying the hopper and changing out the roller.  For crops doing a lot of direct seeding this can simplify operations.

The Jang Hopper is different than the Jang Add On Row.  The Add On Row more parts for mounting to the seeder.  The hopper swaps out with your existing seed assembly.

The Jang Hopper fits the JP1, JP3, and JP5.

Jang Hopper



Jang Add-On Row

Turn your JP3 into a JP4 or JP5 with an Add On Row.

The Add On Row kit includes the hopper assembly, mounting block, and a narrow shoe.

The kit allows you to add up to 2 additional rows to a JP3 giving you the ability to see up to 5 rows at a time.

When converting a JP3 to a JP5 we also recommend replacing any of the original wide shoes with the narrow shoe.

Jang Add On Row



Jang Narrow Shoe

If you find that your Jang seeder is displacing too much soil, then you can change out the standard shoe to a narrow shoe.

The narrow shoe is only 1″ wide which allows more soil to pass between shoes when multiple hoppers are installed on a JP3 or JP5.

We have found that the JP5 is only effective with this shoe.

Works only on the JP1, JP3 or JP5.

Jang Narrow Shoe

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Double-Disc Opening Shoe, Kickstand, Hoppper, Add-On Row (Narrow Shoes), Narrow Shoe


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The Jang Double Disc Shoe is on Backorder until around February 10, 2022.