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JP1 – Jang Speed Seeder No. 1 – THE COMPLETE KIT


The JP1 COMPLETE KIT was put together by Curtis Stone.  The kit comes with a JP1 seeder and all of the rollers Curtis has used over the years which he writes about in his book The Urban Farmer.

Get started right away planting all of your crops – it’s all in one box.


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The JP1 COMPLETE KIT was put together by Curtis Stone.  The kit comes with a JP1 seeder and all of the rollers Curtis has used over the years which he writes about in his book The Urban Farmer.

Get started right away planting all of your crops – it’s all in one box.

The kit includes JP-1 seeder and rollers: X-24, F-24, YYJ-24, LJ-24, XY24, and a Jang Kickstand. 

 You won’t have to order anything else!




  • F24: typically used for radish, with 6-7 rows on a 30” bed. 
  • X24: typically used for baby kale, mustard, arugula and can be used for carrots.
  • XY24: typically used for carrots with 5-10 rows on a 30” bed.
  • YYJ24: typically used for small seeds, primarily arugula with 9 rows when using the JP-1.
  • LJ24: typically used for larger seeds like spinach or cilantro.

We carefully selected these rollers to include in the package to give you wide variety of seed ability and the ability to plant those seeds without having to change around sprockets on the JP1.



Below is a chart detailing the gear ratios and rollers needed to plant the following crops with the JP1.

There are FOUR variables to adjust when operating the JP1:  the rollers, the gears, the number of rows per 30-inch bed, and the hopper brush, which is the little brush inside of the hopper which controls the amount of seed flowing from the roller.


Front x Rear

Arugula YYJ-24 14 F x 9 R 9 down
Carrots XY-24 14 F x 9 R


Lettuce (loose leaf) F24 14 F x 9 R 9 down
Mustard / Mizuna F24 14 F x 9 R 9 down
Radish F24 14 F x 9 R 7 down
Baby Kale (Red Russian) F24 14 F x 9 R 9 down
Salad Turnips (Hakurei) X24 14 F x 9 R 5 down
Spinach (baby) LJ24 14 F x 9 R 9 up
Spinach (large) LJ24 14 F x 9 R 5 up

*When adjusting your hopper brush, we suggest only opening it all the way up and all the way down. In the chart below, that’s what we are referring to.



The JP-1 is the classic single row Jang seeder.

It has become an industry standard for market farmers all around the world due to its ability to perform well in all soil conditions while being used for a wide variety of crops.

There are a wide variety of rollers available for the JP1 that can cover seed sizes from carrot to peas.

The JP1 is made in South Korea and its quality is second to none.  The heavy-duty construction will keep it going year after year, unlike cheap Chinese knockoffs.  If cared for and properly maintained the JP1 will last a lifetime and like be the only single row seeder that you ever buy.


  • Extremely high accuracy seeding in most soil conditions
  • Unlimited seed spacing options – change rollers and gear ratios to get the perfect in-row spacing for your crop
  • Singulate seeds – from small seeds to large seeds the JP1 gives you the ability to plant a single or as many seeds as needed.
  • Quick release hopper makes changing rollers and pouring out seed easy and fast
  • A covered hopper means you can plant in the rain without ruining seed
  • Adjustable handle for height
  • Handle push bar slides from side to side so you can seed comfortably from either side of the bed
  • Changeable gears for adjusting seed density in-row
  • Clear plastic hopper to view seed level
  • Hopper volume = 0.26 gal
  • Includes interchangeable sprockets #: 9, 10, 11 (2), 13, 14

We also include the Jang Kickstand in the kit which makes the Jang easier to use in the field.


The Jang ships from a third party shipper, and when you receive your Jang JP1, the only assembly required is to place the handle onto the main body.


Additional information

Weight 35 oz

7 reviews for JP1 – Jang Speed Seeder No. 1 – THE COMPLETE KIT

  1. Art-LFF

    Paperpot had the JP-1 kit in stock so we did not have to wait for it to ship from the manufacturer. Received it quickly and just as described. The kit is perfect for many common applications and we are very pleased with the entire transaction. Will certainly make future purchases here.
    The JP-1 is well worth it for planting a larger amount of seeds, turns hours of planting into minutes with much better depth and seed rate consistency. Germination rates have been excellent.

  2. Jason Kleinhans

    JP-1 kit arrived to my farm with no problems. The kit was easy to assemble and I was seeding immediately. The seed chart is spot on. I really enjoy the ease of seeding with the Jang rain or shine. Awesome product and Paperpot CO. does a fantastic job makeing theses products available.

  3. Alex Varble

    Excellent product and services ! My jp-1 arrived in less than a week all the way to New Mexico. Seeder arrived in a very nice box undamaged and half assembled. Assembly was easy and simple BUT be wise sometimes the handle bars dont slide well until some of the paint wears off. Very happy no regrets !

  4. Timothy Schad

    Got my Jang JP1 last week and am amazed at how quickly I now seed beds…and I don’t have to go nuts on bed prep to have perfect results…many thanks to guys at Paperpot Co once again for their invaluable knowledge and impeccable service ..Rockin it out as usual <3 I'm sold and planning to order for a JP5 soon.

  5. Andrew Stachiw

    I received the JP1 within days of ordering, delivered to my door. What an amazing product. Can’t wait to put it into practice in Vermont once the snow is gone and the ground is thawed and warmed.

  6. Taylor Scarpelli

    I love this thing! It has saved us so much time and energy. We work with a lot of volunteers on our farm and no longer have a problem with over or under seeding. It is easy to handle, super lightweight, and the adjustable handle is the cherry on top! Great product guys.

  7. Eva Childs

    I purchased JP1 complete kit toward the end of last summer after trying other seeders. Right away l knew this was one of the best decisions I made. Complete kit came with all of the rollers that Curtis Stone used , therefore l didn’t need to search through and order each roller separately so l was very pleased. This is a very sturdy, well built seeder and serves us well. In fact l’ll be using it to seed some arugula tomorrow. Thanks a lot!

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