Kwik Klik Cell Tray Bottom Seed Plates


Kwik Klik™️ Bottom Plates are available for a wide variety of seed trays – 72-Cell, 128-Cell, 200-Cell, Paperpot, Winstrip, and more.

Bottom plates come in a standard thickness and standard hole diameter.

Quantity Based Pricing

Quantity 3 4+
Price $94.00 $89.00


Have you already ordered a Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder Frame and one or more Top Plates?

If so, add a Kwik Klik™️ Bottom Plate here (the Kwik Klik™️ System consists of a Frame, Top Plates, and Bottom Plates). 

Kwik Klik™️ Bottom Plates are available for a wide variety of seed trays – 72-cell, 128-cell, paperpot, Winstrip, and more.

 VERY IMPORTANT: Your Bottom Plate must match your Top Plate!  For example, if you purchase a 264-hole Paperpot Top Plate, you need a matching 264-hole Paperpot Bottom Plate. You only need one Bottom Plate for all Paperpot seeding, though (you’d need a second if you also wanted to seed, for example, 72-cell trays).


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 3 in
Hole Pattern

Paperpot, 72-Cell, 128-Cell, 200-Cell, 72-Cell Winstrip, 128-Cell Winstrip


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