Market Garden Playing Cards


A full custom-designed 52-card deck (plus jokers) of Market Garden-themed playing cards showcasing vegetables and tools used on small market farms.

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The Market Garden playing cards are beautifully hand-drawn to highlight the uniqueness of market gardening.

Each suit represented a different aspect of market gardening: Crops, Tools, Infrastructure, and Principles and Techniques.

These will make great conversation starters at holiday parties. If you have someone who isn’t quite sure what market farming is all about, the cards are a great way to teach them the basics.

Market Garden playing cards are a great gift for farmers and gardeners.

Built to Last – Made from thick card stock combined with world-class printing techniques, these decks of cards are durable enough to resist humidity, last throughout frequent uses, and intense game nights.

The cards were designed and drawn by farmer and artist Scott Hebert.

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