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Paperpot Germination Trays (10 Trays)


Paperpot Germination Trays hold the paper chain pots during seeding and germination.  The trays give structure to the paper chain pots while providing drainage via bottom holes.

These trays are also great for growing microgreens and wheatgrass.  This may be a better long-term solution for someone who is going through a lot of thinner-walled germination trays.

Trays are sold in packs of 10 and ship for free.

Price Discounts with Larger Quantity Orders:

  • 2 Packs – $69 Each  (Save 13%)
  • 4+ Packs – $59 Each (Save 25%)
  • 36+ Packs – As Low as $45 Each – Save 40% – Call for exact pricing – 877.850.1555

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Tired of cheap plastic trays that keep breaking?

Invest in a tray that will last a lifetime.

The trays are rigid, yet flexible making it very hard to crack or break them – call them practically unbreakable.  Our trays were strategically designed by engineers and should last you a lifetime.

Our heavy-duty trays are UV treated, BPA free, and made of food-grade plastic – #5 – polypropylene.


Great for microgreens!

These trays can also be used for growing microgreens and wheatgrass.  They may be a better long-term solution for someone who is going through a lot of thinner-walled germination trays.


Nursery Tray Dimensions:

Inside – 23 1/8″ x 11 x 1 1/4″

Outside – 24 1/16″ x 12″ x 1 3/8″

1lb. 8.5oz.


We also carry Solid Bottom Trays that pair perfectly with our Germination Trays.


Please note – trays cannot be ordered in 10 pack quantities of 3, 7, 11, or 15 for shipping reasons.


Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

13 reviews for Paperpot Germination Trays (10 Trays)

  1. iampnwbelle

    These are great trays for growing microgreens. Durable, high quality. Recommend with enthusiasm.

  2. thomas.witwicki

    These sturdy germination trays are great for large seeded microgreens, especially now that solid bottom trays are available to fit them. I’ve also used them in the seedling house to hold large potted veggies such as tomatoes and eggplant. It’s a perfect fit for eight 6″ pots and the trays are rugged enough to manage the weight of the large pots.

  3. Nathon Hall

    These are very sturdy trays that should last many years. I like the lifting cutout amidships, it helps the handling.

  4. Siok Hong Chen-Sabot

    Love the newer version of Paperpot trays. They are a bit deeper, softer in the material and still looked good after six months. The holes are spaced wider than the previous lot I purchased and it worked just as well. They are manufactured well making stacking them nice. It is worth pay for high quality trays. I have 40 trays. I stack an empty tray in between germination tray allowing roots to dangle and not penetrate the tray below.

  5. Jono Gaza

    Best trays I have used. I was tired of the flimsy 10/20 trays that lasted for a few weeks and then start to crack. These trays are durable and I love the extra space for my micro greens. I haven’t used the paperpot transplanter yet, but am excited to see how much easier life is with that system. Overall, a great product.

  6. Jacobie

    These trays are excellent! Way more sturdy than all the other pots I’ve seen and used. I can wait to buy the bottom trays soon so I can grow even more.

  7. Ryan

    Solid trays, strong and flexible. I like the additional design touches over the standard PP trays. Also feel like they would be less prone to cracking.

  8. Mark DeRespinis

    These trays are extremely strong and allow for much more confident moving of full wet trays. I also love the handles which make the carrying of stacks of trays much easier. I’m building up my stock one big order at a time.

  9. Simon

    You won’t find a tray more sturdy than this. These will last thru your children’s life times.

  10. Patrick mortenson

    crazy durable. i dont see these things ever breaking. quick shipment.

  11. Travis brewer

    Love these trays. Super strong. The holes in the bottom work great with drainage but can be a little bit of a challenge with stacking during germination. They will grow up into the other trays and the roots will grow down into the trays under them. With that being said, it just takes a little practice to time it right to unstack them. They are for sure the best trays out there!

  12. Ed

    Very solid trays. Looking forward to using them now that all my cheap ones are cracked, destroyed and gone

  13. KW

    I’ve been using these trays for a year and a half, and found the quality to be excellent. They are also easy to clean

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