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Paper Chain Pots – 6″ Spacing – Case


One case of 75 paper chains.

Each paper chain has 264 cells in the chain with 6″ between each cell.

Chain Length: 139ft.

Each case of 75 paper chain pots would allow you to transplant 19,800 plants at a cost of $0.015 per plant.

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6″ chain pots are being used by growers for crops such as head lettuce, Salanova, kale, and other greens.

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Each case includes 75  individual paper chains.

6″ chain pots are being used by growers for crops such as head lettuce, Salanova, kale, and other greens.


Not sure what paper chain to use with what crop?

View a Crop Seeding Chart here.


Each paper chain has 264 cells in the chain.

In-Row Cell Spacing: 6″

Cell Diameter: 1.18″

Cell Height: 1.18″

Paper Chain Length: 139ft.

Total Case Length: 10,425ft.

Each case of 75 paper chain pots would allow you to transplant 19,800 plants at a cost of $0.015 per plant.


Paper chain pots are compostable.  Most growers remove the chain pots when the turnover a bed, composting the pots with any remaining vegetable matter.

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30 reviews for Paper Chain Pots – 6″ Spacing – Case

  1. Heidi Choate

    We have been so happy ordering from paperpot.co. The shipping is super reasonable and everything comes very quickly, which is critical during our busy season.

  2. Josh Chance

    The 6′ paper chain is an incremental part for my operation for planting salanova lettuce, little gem lettuce, dill, parsley, and others. I also really appreciated the updates on delivery. I will be ordering this again. Thank you Diego

  3. Trent Thompson

    Saves us hours and hours of back breaking work every week on the farm!

  4. Danielle Smith

    I love using paper chains. They really save hours of transplanting. A must for any small scale farmer.

  5. John Dysinger

    Free shipping, low price guarantee, and personal service are three reasons why I will be ordering from paperpot.co again. Product was just what I expected.

  6. Steph Hinkey

    This year I tried out the system just using the chain pots (w/o the seeder and transplanter), before investing in the whole system. Even so it saved me a lot of time. I expect that the time saver will be the transplanter. I appreciate the prompt free delivery.

  7. Daniel

    The 6in paperpots are great for lettuce production on our farm. We don’t have enough space for a tractor so these really help free up time from transplanting.

  8. Heather

    Free shipping and in stock when we needed them. Took about 8 days from order to get to us. In a world of Prime, you need to plan ahead for longer ship time.

  9. mwooda

    Whats there not to love? Hundreds of hours saved on our most planted crops. Always shows up when needed and as expected.

  10. Courtney

    With prompt delivery, free shipping, and a lower price-point than Johnny’s, I don’t see a reason to buy them anywhere else. That, and I really appreciate the countless hours that went in to the creation of this website, particularly the instructional videos which really help someone new to this technology to get up and running. I just did my first quarter-acre of transplanting with the Paperpot Transplanter, and it took one-eighth of the time that it took to manually transplant from plug trays. Thank you, this product seriously enhances my quality of life!

  11. Niki Calvert

    The Paperpot system is a life saver for us! We grow Salanova lettuce, and the difference between hand transplanting and using paperpots is like night and day. Paperpot Co. has great customer service, too.

  12. Ryan

    Quick Free Shipping of a necessity on our farm.

  13. Martin

    Free Shipping (which arrived in a few days) + a Christmas promotion discount was a great deal!
    Happy customer:-)

  14. Janna Wesselius (The Cornucopia)

    I anticipate that these chains will change how we approach just about everything to do with transplanting and direct seeding on our farm. Time and labor is always in short supply and reducing hand transplant time makes employees happy and frees up time to do other import tasks that add value to our operation.

  15. Chris

    Easy to use website, fast shipping and a great company to support for small scale farming technology and innovation.

  16. Moose Meadow Farm

    These paper chain pots are indispensable on our farm. They do really need to be kept completely clear of any water (drips, spray, humidity…) or they’ll come apart when you stretch them. We use them for salanova lettuces primarily.

  17. Ben

    Paper chains help us reduce labor. We use this size for head lettuce, chicory, celery, celeriac, bok choy, and kohlrabi.

  18. Troy

    Love ordering these from Paperpot.co. Super easy online ordering and good shipping time. And they’re always ready to answer questions!

  19. Stephen

    Never had a bad experience from Paperpot.co. We use the 6” chains primarily for lettuce but we also utilize them for brassicas by implementing the skipping technique when seeding to get 12” spacing. Yes this method cost a little bit more because we’re giving up valuable cell space but we gain it back by the amount of time saved by planting with the paperpot transplanter.

  20. Ryan Smith

    Great prices and quick shipping! The Paperpot system is an absolute game changer for a market farm.

  21. Steph Hinkey

    All my friends and the neighbor kids love watching these go into the ground! They arrived promptly as ever.


    Amazing for Lettuce, chard, and kale. Fast delivery and professional service!

  23. Arielle

    I thought these would be easy to tear when spreading apart, but so far I haven’t had any issues.

  24. D. Walter

    With time being the only non replaceable resource, this system gives me days back every year AND paperpot.co gets our order shipped out and in our hands really quick, even during the height of the shutdown this spring.

  25. Marcial Kajer

    Always Fast shipping, and a great product literally don’t know what I would do with out these chains!

  26. Jesse Swofford

    As always Diego ships quick. Great products.

  27. Kaitlyn Kimball

    The paperpot chains are a game changer. Our lettuce and greens profits have tripled since using the paperpot system. Eliminates human error and decreases planting time from hours to minutes.

  28. Cody

    The 6′ chains help make planting a snap without actually snapping! To say the paperpot system has changed our farms way of growing is an understatement.
    Using the skip planting for head lettuce, kale, or chard, with interplanted bok Choi has made bok Choi a actual possiblity with it’s likelihood to bolt in the heat. And one harvest offsets the cost of the chains.
    I can not say enough good things about this system or this company. They help small farmers grow, provide good information, a quality product, and fast shipping times.

  29. Kara

    I’ve used the 6” chains from paperpot for 5 years and can’t imagine farming without using them. It’s great for lettuce, brassicas, fennel, turnips, beets and onions. And paperpot co has amazing customer service.

  30. Zach Selby

    I use the Paperpot system with 6″ chains to produce salad mix on my certified organic farm. From seeding to transplanting, I do this by myself and it allows me to produce huge amounts without lots of labor. It has been a base product for my farm that I would not change. The case cost on paper chains is worth it. Paperpot.co has been reliable with shipping and stock. They even sent out an email last year letting people know when prices would increase so you can buy before it happens. Solid group to do business with.

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