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Paperpot Opening Kit


A pair of spreader bars and a single spreader frame gives you the ability to get started with paper chains with minimal equipment.

The spreader bars help you pull the paper chain apart out and the spreader frame holds the paper chain open while you fill it with soil.

Save 20% by purchasing the kit versus purchasing each item individually.

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Spreader Frame:

The rigid metal frame holds the paper pots open inside the nursery flat while you fill the paper chain pots with soil.  After the soil and seed has been added the frame can be removed, with the soil holding the paper chain pots open.

If your farm is doing a lot of transplanting you may want more than one frame to allow for batch processing and multiple people to fill flats.

Spreader Bars:

The metal rods slide into the sides of the compressed paper chain pots and are used to pull the chain pots apart so you can place them onto the spreader frame.  The spreader rods are removed after the paper chain pots are secured on the spreader frame.  Without the spreader bars, there is no way to open the paper chains.


Our Paper Pot System Starter Kit includes an opening kit and other seeding equipment, which may be a better choice for more serious paperpot users.


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4 reviews for Paperpot Opening Kit

  1. Joseph Jacobs

    Very helpful arrived fast would order again. We had a agricultural tax exempt card which he was very helpful getting it set up. Also was knowlageble in explaining how products are used.

  2. Chris Provetto

    Not too much to say about these, but I wouldn’t try to open the chains without them.

  3. chris Anderson

    A must have and makes opening the paper pots a breeze!

  4. Andrew Ely

    Necessary for any paperpot operation. Makes everything easy.

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