Paperpot System Starter Accessory Kit


Speed up operations and become more efficient with the paperpot starter kit.  The kit includes a dibbler and drop seeder which allow you to quickly and accurately seed all 264 holes of the paper chain pot in seconds.  The kit also includes required components such as spreader bars and spreader frame.

Save by purchasing the kit versus individual components.

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Increase speed and efficiency in the greenhouse with the Paperpot System Starter Accessory Kit which includes:

1 – Dibbler

Quickly create depressions for seeds in all 264 holes of the paper chain pot.  The dibbler allows you to take what could be a time-consuming step of making 264 holes one by one and turns in into a simple step which only takes a few seconds.

The dibbler is manufactured to create 264 uniform 12mm holes which work in conjunction with paperpot drop seeders.

1 -Original Model Drop Seeder 

Quickly and accurately seed all 264 holes of the paper chain pot in seconds.

Just imagine seeding 264 holes one by one by hand versus seeding all 264 holes in one quick step.  The drop seeder is another piece of appropriate technology which saves you money by decreasing labor and controlling seed waste.

The drop seeder comes with a 4.5mm seed plate that is designed for seeds such as radish, beets, and pelleted seeds like Salanova.

2 – Spreader Frame

The rigid metal frame holds the paper pots open inside the nursery flat while you fill the paper chain pots with soil.  After the soil has been added the frame can be removed, with the soil holding the chain pots open.

1 Pair of Spreader Bars

The metal rods slide into the sides of the compressed paper chain pots and are then used to pull the chain pots apart so you can place them onto the spreader frame. The spreader rods can be removed after the paper chain pots are secured on the spreader frame.

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