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Solid Bottom Trays (10 Trays)


Solid bottom trays designed to fit perfectly underneath paperpot germination trays.  Solid trays can be used for bottom watering of crops or preventing soil and water from dripper onto lower surfaces.  Our heavy duty trays are UV treated, BPA free, made of food-grade plastic, and should last you a lifetime.

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Solid Bottom Trays are currently Out of Stock.

The estimated date for being back in stock is September 2019.  Please check back later.


Ultra-durable solid bottom trays were engineered to be practically indestructible.

The solid bottom trays nest perfectly with our paperpot germination trays with holes making bottom watering easy.  The solid trays can also be used to catch drips if you are going plants in a location where the floors or shelving needs to be protected from water and soil.

The trays were designed to fit all current paperpot trays on the market.

Trays are made from UV treated recycled PP plastic.  The plastic code is #5 which is considered food safe by the FDA and is BPA FREE.

The trays are rigid, yet flexible making it very hard to crack or break them.  Our trays were strategically designed by engineers and should last you a lifetime.

Trays are sold in packs of 10.

Price Discounts with Larger Quantity Orders:

  • 40+ Trays Save 7%
  • 120+ Trays Save 14%
  • 700 Trays at $4.50 Each – Save 50%.
    • Pallet pricing is for the product only.  There is an additional freight charge based on your location.
    • Please contact us to get a freight quote – hello@paperpot.co.


Solid Tray Dimensions:

24 7/8″ x 12 7/8″ x 7/8″

1lb. 60z.

Please note – trays cannot be ordered in quantities of 30, 70, 110, or 150 for shipping reasons.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

4 reviews for Solid Bottom Trays (10 Trays)

  1. chad Gard

    I grow microgreens in the paperpot trays, and bring them both to chefs and to farmers’ market as live trays. When I started this, the bottom trays did not yet exist, which meant I had to grow them in our greenhouse, rather than inside (because water dripping through the trays made too much of a mess and added too much humidity for our indoor spaces).

    I bought one case of 10 trays when they were first offered, not sure how well they would work. That was a mistake! Chefs love the trays – enough so that one actually washes both the bottom trays and the paperpot trays in their dishwashers before returning them to me. Not sure they were intended to be dishwasher safe, but it seems to be no problem, and saves me time before reuse! They also keep the tablecloth at market nice and clean, and are great for tender micros that I don’t like to top water. I also use them for stacking germinating trays, which saves me the step of sanitizing the plexiglass dividers I use otherwise (because peas and sunfowers especially like to actually grow through the holes into the tray above).

    If I can get more of them, I expect to be able to move our winter microgreen production indoors this winter. This will save us a great deal of hassle and money: they won’t be taking up greenhouse space for transplants (when you start transplanting almost everything with the paperpot system, your greenhouse gets small quickly!), and we won’t have to heat the greenhouse in January and February, saving a lot of propane!

    My only complaint with the bottom trays is availability. Because I only bought 10 to start, I don’t have nearly enough. But they have been sold out since. I’m anxiously awaiting the next production run, and hope it happens before winter so I can indeed migrate the micros indoors!

  2. Omar Moussa

    Best trays for growing microgreens. I have used the traditional trays, and after trialing PaperPot, you will notice a huge difference when it comes to sturdiness for replanting and easiness to clean them. They seem a bit pricey, however they are worth each penny. Those trays will last forever, once you buy them, you will have no reason to replenish them. We will definitely be getting more. Plus Diego is an awesome communicator, responsive with a great sense of humor.

  3. Laura, Hand-Grown Greens

    I love these trays! They are super durable and work great for bottom watering our microgreens. We grow in paper pot trays and standard 10X20’s. These solid trays work great for bottom watering both! We got 50 to start and will be getting more after trialing them. I highly recommend these for other microgreens growers.

  4. Ann&Mac Farms, Turner , Kansas

    These trays are the best money can buy!

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