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Paperpot Solid Bottom Trays


Paperpot Solid Bottom trays are designed to fit perfectly underneath Paperpot Germination Trays. 

While our Germination trays have holes to allow drainage, the Solid Bottom Trays retain water to enable the bottom-watering of seedlings.  They can also prevent soil and water from dripping onto lower surfaces.

Our heavy-duty Solid Bottom Trays are practically unbreakable and should last a lifetime.

*10 and 20 packs of trays are bulky requiring an additional shipping surcharge.

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Our Paperpot Solid Bottom Trays are an optional component of the Paperpot system, nesting perfectly with our Paperpot Germination Trays (sold separately) to make bottom-watering easy.

If you are growing plants where the floors or shelving must be protected from water and soil, these solid trays can also catch drips.

Like our Germination Trays, Solid Bottom Trays are UV-treated, BPA-free, and made from recycled #5 – polypropylene.


Please Note: Our Solid Bottom Trays have a larger footprint than standard 10/20 nursery trays.  Check your shelving to ensure the Solid Bottom Trays will fit as expected.


  • Made in the USA
  • BPA-free, UV-protected plastic
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Outside dimensions – 24-7/8” x 12-7/8″ x 7/8″
  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Germination Trays and Humidity Domes are SOLD SEPARATELY.  

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

10-Pack, 20-Pack, 40-Pack

34 reviews for Paperpot Solid Bottom Trays

  1. chad Gard

    I grow microgreens in the paperpot trays, and bring them both to chefs and to farmers’ market as live trays. When I started this, the bottom trays did not yet exist, which meant I had to grow them in our greenhouse, rather than inside (because water dripping through the trays made too much of a mess and added too much humidity for our indoor spaces).

    I bought one case of 10 trays when they were first offered, not sure how well they would work. That was a mistake! Chefs love the trays – enough so that one actually washes both the bottom trays and the paperpot trays in their dishwashers before returning them to me. Not sure they were intended to be dishwasher safe, but it seems to be no problem, and saves me time before reuse! They also keep the tablecloth at market nice and clean, and are great for tender micros that I don’t like to top water. I also use them for stacking germinating trays, which saves me the step of sanitizing the plexiglass dividers I use otherwise (because peas and sunfowers especially like to actually grow through the holes into the tray above).

    If I can get more of them, I expect to be able to move our winter microgreen production indoors this winter. This will save us a great deal of hassle and money: they won’t be taking up greenhouse space for transplants (when you start transplanting almost everything with the paperpot system, your greenhouse gets small quickly!), and we won’t have to heat the greenhouse in January and February, saving a lot of propane!

    My only complaint with the bottom trays is availability. Because I only bought 10 to start, I don’t have nearly enough. But they have been sold out since. I’m anxiously awaiting the next production run, and hope it happens before winter so I can indeed migrate the micros indoors!

  2. Omar Moussa

    Best trays for growing microgreens. I have used the traditional trays, and after trialing PaperPot, you will notice a huge difference when it comes to sturdiness for replanting and easiness to clean them. They seem a bit pricey, however they are worth each penny. Those trays will last forever, once you buy them, you will have no reason to replenish them. We will definitely be getting more. Plus Diego is an awesome communicator, responsive with a great sense of humor.

  3. Laura, Hand-Grown Greens

    I love these trays! They are super durable and work great for bottom watering our microgreens. We grow in paper pot trays and standard 10X20’s. These solid trays work great for bottom watering both! We got 50 to start and will be getting more after trialing them. I highly recommend these for other microgreens growers.

  4. Ann&Mac Farms, Turner , Kansas

    These trays are the best money can buy!

  5. Kara Dodson

    These work perfect for keeping trays watered and cool during our hot summer days in NC. I especially like them for beets since the seedlings can dampen off when overhead watered repeatedly in the summer.

  6. Kyle Jacobson

    These trays really saved us this spring when our propagation house wasn’t complete yet and we had to start everything indoors and needed the ability to bottom water. Now we’re using them for microgreens and they’re working phenomenally. They’re also extremely durable so I feel we will still be using these same trays for years to come!

  7. Nathan Walsh

    These trays are great! they make watering delicate or rot-prone microgreens or starts possible.

  8. Benny Pino

    These bottom water trays certainly stand up to any quality measurement you can throw at them. Durable thoughtfully made and a good depth for bottom watering or starting microgreens in. I would change one thing; I wish they were designed to nestle inside of the paperpot trays so four of them would fit on our 2’x4′ shelving. As of right now, we can only fit three which is inefficient when growing under lights on these shelves. I can see how it would be difficult to design a strong tray that also nestles and allows for some depth…but here’s wishing. Still! Get these trays if you want the best quality on the market.

  9. Ryan

    Simply the best! There is no need to look further for a better product because, in my opinion, there is non. Works great for both bottom watering and a top cover for germination to block light and keep in a good amount of moisture.

  10. Daniel (Laughing Salad Farm, Eugene OR)

    I’m so glad these are back in stock. These are a real time saver, instead of bottom watering one tray at a time in a concrete mixing tub I can water all flats at once. Nicely designed and thick poly should last a long time. Customer support was top notch when there was a delay, which was not a big deal. I know how busy these guys are and how much value they have brought to market for all of us small farmers out there.

  11. Jack (suburban farmer)

    Great trays! Very durable and look forward to using these for years to come.

  12. Catherine Revell

    Super well made, sleek and stacks like a dream. A top and bottom flat on a germination tray locks it down into a perfect dome scenerio. All of my other flats will be collecting dust while the Paper Pot trays make me money!

  13. Mike (Andrews Farm, Gardiner ME)

    These trays are rugged and the large footprint and shallow depth make bottom watering paperpot flats or standard 1020s effortless. Thank you Paperpot.co for selling thoughtfully designed products that are built to last.

  14. Tim Fordenbacher

    I purchased these bottom watering trays and the paperpot trays for growing microgreens. I am happy I made the investment in these products before spending lots of money on other products. The bottom watering trays are very durable and hold just the right amount of water of bottom watering plants. I am currently using these for mirogreens as wells as some for bottom watering my 3in plastic transplanting pots.

  15. Blake Cowling

    Very well made durable bottom trays. The gap between the rim of these trays and the trays with holes makes bottom watering easier than it was when we were using the cheap 10×20 flats. These trays will last you forever.

  16. Marie L. Lewis

    If you’re investing in trays, invest in these. They stand up to repeated use, are easy to sterilize/clean, stack beautifully, are a managable size and reasonably priced. Growing microgreens or vegetable starts takes time and attention to detail, I need a tray that will stand up to repeated use so that I’m not wasting time and money frequently replacing broken/cracked. These trays are a bargain, and my only problem was that I didn’t order enough in the beginning.

  17. Janna Wesselius (The Cornucopia)

    Great trays! Perfect for bottom watering. These are very sturdy and should last a long time. I can see using them for multiple applications.

  18. Matt Brown

    We recently purchased these trays for bottom watering of micro greens like many other reviewers. These are an absolute must for microgreens and I would highly recommend them. I will be ordering more without question.

  19. Michael

    Excellent quality, sturdy trays that should last many years. Great for keeping indoor propagation areas cleaner when using paper pot chains and for bottom watering any kind of seedling tray/flat/cells.

  20. Santi

    I am starting with microgreens and also bought the trays with holes. They match pretty well and make the watering an easy job. Great investment and a really good price for what you get.

  21. Gary Green

    These are solid trays and I started with these trays after seeing stories of the regular 1020 trays cracking and breaking and needing to be replaced. There is a slot in the corner between the top tray and bottom tray where I can pour water and the top tray just sucks it up. I am looking forward to needing more trays and will definitely get these same trays from Paperpot.

  22. Jeff Ellis

    Outstanding quality and outstanding customer support. The material will serve you well for years and the tray is a bit larger than the standard size trays.

  23. Mr. David Ogle

    They fit perfectly and do exactly what they were designed to do. Excellent product from excellent materials.

  24. Tim White

    Being new to the microgreens community, I’m still very pleased with this product. There’s not really much more that I could say about these trays that everyone else has already said except that it’s ALL true. These are the only trays I will be using.

  25. Clifton Macomber

    These are the best trays on the market. Hands down, whether it be for microgreens, starts or anything else the combination of the solid tray with the germination tray is the best option I’ve identified after significant research. The fact Diago is able to make them in the USA is even better!!

  26. Estelle

    These trays are as they say, good quality. They came quickly and customer service was quick, responsive, and understanding. I accidentally order the wrong trays, but just ended up deciding to keep them and find a place to use them because they are that nice.

  27. Patrick Emmanuel Sullivan

    Perfect for bottom watering micros in paperpot trays. We grow indoors under lights and these fit nicely on our racks and take up barely more space than the paperpot tray. Better quality microgreens produced by bottom watering!

  28. Petra Buttner

    I bought them for use with the paperpot chains and even though the trays are excellent in terms of material and sturdiness they are too big to use directly with the chains. I didn’t realize that they were intended to be used underneath the trays with holes (and why would you use 2 types of trays together instead of just using the watering tray?) so now I have soil around the seeded paperpot chains and while bottom watering is still possible it is messy. Not quite what I had intended for indoor use. I guess I will have to buy the paperpot trays as well at some point. 🙁

  29. karol mocarski

    These solid bottom watering trays are a must! Great for watering evenly, fits perfectly under germination trays,and they are stackable for space storage!

  30. Marwan Gedeon

    Had these babies shipped across the other side of the world. I tried a lot of other trays, they are flimsy and won’t last you more than 6 months. I mainly use them indoors for my microgreens. I’m sure they will last years. Overall great investment!

  31. Jeremy

    I bought a bunch of these to see how good they are at work a bunch I made 20 these things are awesome I would have to say they’re the best out there they will be the only Trace I will ever buy from now on clean heavy duty strong looks to me like they might last forever

  32. Kheri Smith

    Strong sturdy product! Works for my kitchen microgreens with the paperpot co trays!

  33. Sola Wolfstrom

    These bottom watering trays feel like an investment that will last for years. So many plastics designed for propagation are brittle and if you want them to last you’ve got to be careful with them. These feel like they won’t need to be coddled. They are a bit wider than the paper pot germination trays so take that into account if your space is limited.

  34. Chef Jon Boles

    There are two kinds of trays. There are Paperpot trays and then there are everybody else’s. In the end these trays save a ton of money. There’s absolutely no point in buying the cheap flimsy trays.

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