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The Pro-Series Paperpot Transplanter Starter Kit – Original Edition


Getting started with a new system can be confusing, so we put together the complete starter package for someone who is completely new to the paperpot system.  The package includes everything that you need to get started on your farm – all you need to do is add seeds and soil.

The Starter Package Includes:

  • 1 Paperpot Transplanter
  • 1 Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder Package
    • Kwik Klik™️ Frame
    • Paperpot Bottom Plate
    • Paperpot Top Plate – 1.5mm x 2.5mm
    • Paperpot Top Plate – 3mm x 3mm
    • Paperpot Top Plate – 3mm x 5mm
  • 1 Dibbler
  • 1 Spreader Frame
  • 1 Set Spreader Bars
  • 20 Paperpot Germination Trays
  • 3 Cases of Paper Chain Pots
    • 1 Case – 2″ Chain Pots
    • 1 Case – 4″ Chain Pots
    • 1 Case – 6″ Chain Pots
  • Bonus: Profitable Urban Farming – Online Workshop ($199 Value)
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The Pro-Series Paperpot Starter Package Includes:

1 – Paperpot Transplanter

The main component of the paper pot system.  With this tool, one person can transplant 264 seedlings in minutes!

The paperpot transplanter can be used for all paper chain pots we carry giving you the ability to space seedlings at 2, 4, and 6″ spacings.  Chain pots are loaded onto the deck of the transplanter and are pulled out of the transplanter behind you as you pull the transplanter forward.  A built-in shoe cuts furrow into the soil to receive the chain pots while sweeps and the rear wheels close the furrow around the transplants.

The transplanter is versatile.  Growers have used this tool to transplant lettuce, radishes, turnips, onions, peas, beans, herbs, and many more crops.


1 – Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder Package


  • 1 Frame
  • 1 Paperpot Bottom Plate
  • 1 Paperpot 1.5mm Thick 2.5mm Diameter Top Plate
  • 1 Paperpot 3mm Thick 3mm Diameter Top Plate,
  • 1 Paperpot 3mm Thick 5mm Diameter Top Plate

Our new patent-pending Kwik Klik™️ Drop Seeder will revolutionize your greenhouse operations.

Quickly and accurately seed all 264 holes of the paper chain pot in seconds.

Just imagine seeding 264 holes one by one by hand versus seeding all 264 holes in one click. 

The Kwik Klik™️ works with pelleted and raw seed making it a tool that saves you money by decreasing labor and controlling seed waste.

The Kwik Klik™️ is:

  • Extremely fast – seed a flat in seconds
  • Extremely versatile – infinite seeding combinations for all types of cell trays
  • Ultra-durable and made with a powder-coated steel frame
  • Handmade in Canada by skilled craftsman.
  • Extremely precision – seeds go where you want ever time
  • Optimized for microgreens.  Special seed plates make microgreen seeding very fast and accurate


1 – Dibbler

Quickly create depressions for seeds in all 264 holes of the paper chain pot.  The dibbler allows you to take what could be a time-consuming step of making 264 holes one by one and turns in into a simple step which only takes a few seconds.

The dibbler is manufactured to create 264 uniform 12mm holes which work in conjunction with paperpot drop seeders.


1 – Spreader Frame

The rigid metal frame holds the paper pots open inside the nursery flat while you fill the paper chain pots with soil.  After the soil has been added the frame can be removed, with the soil holding the chain pots open.

This frame was specifically designed to work with the Kwik Klik™️ drop seeder.


1 – Set Spreader Bars

The metal rods slide into the sides of the compressed paper chain pots and are then used to pull the chain pots apart so you can place them onto the spreader frame. The spreader rods can be removed after the paper chain pots are secured on the spreader frame.


20 – Paperpot Germination Trays

Germination trays hold the paper chain pots during seeding and germination.  The trays give structure to the paper chain pots while providing drainage via bottom holes.  One tray can hold one paper chain (264 plants) and the plants must remain in the tray until transplanting.  Depending on the size of your farm you may need to order additional trays.

The germination trays can also be dually purposed for growing microgreens.


Paper Chain Pots – 3 Cases Included

  • 1 Case CP303 – 2″ In Row Spacing – One case of 150 paper chain pots.
  • 1 Case LP303-10 – 4″ In Row Spacing – One Case of 75 paper chain pots.
  • 1 Case LP303-15 – 6″ In Row  Spacing – One Case of 75 paper chain pots.

Each paper chain has 264 cells.

Cell Dimensions:

Diameter: 1.18″

Height: 1.18″

Straight Chain Length: 49.5ft., 93ft., 139ft.


FREE BONUS: Profitable Urban Farming – 1 Day Workshop

A complete online video course taking you through all of the ins and outs of starting a profitable, small-scale mini-farming.  The course includes 6 hours of video and includes over 5 hours of bonus videos and 6 hours of bonus audio. All content is fully streamable.

In this six-hour online course, you will learn about strategic small farm production techniques that urban farmer Curtis Stone has used and refined during his six-year farming career.

You will also learn how to use modern technology to better manage your business that will save you time and money!

The Profitable Market Gardening course is the online version of urban farmer Curtis Stone’s popular in-person workshop Profitable Urban Farming.



1. Add Kwik Klik™️ Top Plate(s)

The Top Plate controls the number and pattern of cells in your tray (e.g., 72, 128, 264, etc.), the thickness of the plate, and the diameter of the hole. Together, these three factors determine how many seeds go into each cell in your tray.

  1. Number and pattern of holes. This is simply the number and pattern of cells in the tray you are seeding. The Kwik Klik™️
    works for the following types of cell trays:

    • Paper Chain Pot (2-, 4-, or 6-inch lengths)
    • Standard 50-, 72-, 128-, or 200-cell trays
    • Microgreens – 1020 and Paperpot Germination Trays
    • Winstrip trays – 72-cell and 128-cell
  2. Plate thickness. Thinner plates allow fewer seeds per hole. Thicker Plates enable you to put multiple seeds in each hole. Thicker plates are particularly useful when seeding microgreens.
  3. Hole diameter. Larger seeds require larger holes. But a larger hole, together with a thicker plate, can be used to seed more seeds per hole. The Top Plate controls the number and pattern of cells in your tray (e.g., 72, 128, 264, etc.), the thickness of the plate, and the diameter of the hole. Together, these three factors determine how many seeds go into each cell in your tray.


The chart below gives general recommendations for Top Plates, based on dropping a single seed into a single cell.  

With every order of a Kwik Klik frame, we will send you a set of three seed plate guides (one for each Top Plate thickness — 1.5mm, 3mm, and 6mm) that will allow you to experiment with your seeds and customize the trays for your needs. 


paperpot seeding chart

Kwik Klik - Paperpot 1.5mm Thick Top Seed Plates$99.00
Kwik Klik - Paperpot 3mm Thick Top Seed Plates$99.00

Additional Seed Plates for other types of trays are available in our SHOP.

Additional information

Weight 170 oz
Dimensions 39 × 14 × 11 in

3 reviews for The Pro-Series Paperpot Transplanter Starter Kit – Original Edition

  1. Sean Sutton

    We have been using the paperpot transplanter about 6 months. We really like using it and it has saved us a ton of time. We are a no till farm in NC and that was something we were a little hesitant to use the PPT with at first. I was totally wrong and the tool has been great.

  2. Heather

    I can hardly wait for transplanting with this dream machine! Making my small farm SUPER efficient! Thank you for providing this amazing tool!

  3. Gen L

    My first intro to the PPT was at a course run by Curtis at Steadfast Farm (at the original location!). I could already see the merits back then but my Farm was new, small and we had lots of irregular beds, so I put it off. Now, we have grown our production area and more of our beds are standard size. I decided to invest because I know it’s going to save me so much time and effort, pain on my (not so young anymore) body and in the long term, labor costs (I’m in CA).
    Other benefits I didn’t foresee were in organisation and seed germination. By this I mean, we were previously more ad hoc with our seeding and the PPT system encouraged us to be focused and organized in our approach. As a result, we are more efficient and effective. Our seeding area is now more organized and works better for us.
    The second surprise was the germination rates – when we use the standard trays, or soil blocking, or direct seeding methods, we often see mixed germination rates, sometimes with only 50% of the tray germinating. Now, using the PPT trays and our more organized approach, we are getting almost 100% germination. I love to see the full trays of seedlings ready to go in the ground, (and knowing that hours of work will now be minutes!)
    I was impressed with the video instruction for setup, maintenance and use of the PPT, and the high quality of the product. The transplanter itself was a breeze to put together! Shipping was quick, and Diego was responsive to my questions. I’m really glad I’ve made the switch! Really glad!

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