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Paperpot Transplanter


The original Paperpot Transplanter. Developed over 30 years ago in Japan. Since then, thousands have been sold, saving hundreds of thousands of hours in time and labor.

The Paperpot Transplanter enables you to transplant rows of seedlings in minutes instead of hours.  Less time spent transplanting means less transplant shock, less time you have to pay employees for, and more time available to work on other tasks.  The paperpot transplanter will immediately make your farm more effective and efficient.

The durable all-steel construction will last a lifetime.

Copy-cats have come and gone. Get the original, trusted by thousands of farmers worldwide.

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Get ready to do more work in a lot less time!

Get off your hands and knees and save your back with a Paperpot Co paperpot transplanter.  One person can transplant 264 vegetable seedlings in minutes with this easy-to-use tool!

Farmers credit this tool with “giving us an extra day off a week.”

Using the transplanter is simple as paper chain pots are loaded onto the transplanter’s deck and pulled out of the transplanter behind you as you pull the transplanter forward.  A build-in plow cuts a furrow into the soil to receive the paper chain pots while sweeps, and the rear wheels close the furrow around the transplants.

Immediately Make Your Farm More Efficient and Effective with the Paperpot Transplanter!

Transplant rows of seedlings in minutes instead of hours.  Think about what this time savings mean for your farm and your staff.

Think less…

  • Reduce the amount you have to pay employees for transplanting.
  • Get your crops into the field quicker, reducing fatigue and transplant shock, thereby lessening crop losses.
  • Less time spent transplanting means you and your staff will have more time to work on other tasks.

Purchasing the paper pot transplanter is like buying another employee – one you don’t have to pay and who always works.

Save Your Back and Transplant Standing Upright!

Take the laborious task of transplanting crops and make that task much faster and less demanding on your body.  Instead of spending hours on your hands and knees or bending over a bed, you can transplant a row of seedlings in minutes simply by standing and pulling the transplanter. Over time that will save a lot of wear and tear on your back.

As one grower stated, “for my back, it’s definitely worth it.  It’s pricey, but so are monthly physical therapy appointments.”

The Paperpot Transplanter is Not a Single Use Tool

It goes beyond just lettuce.

Paperpot Co.’s transplanting system is versatile.  Growers have used this tool to transplant lettuce, radishes, turnips, onions, peas, beans, herbs, and many more crops.

The paperpot transplanter can be used for all paper chain pots, allowing you to space your vegetable seedlings at 2, 4, and 6″ in row.

When assembled, the device is 12″ wide and 84″ long.  The height is adjustable from 32 to 44″, weighing around 30 lbs.


Soil structure is critical to the performance of this tool.  Wet, heavy clay soils may make the device more challenging to use.  The device works best in light soils with good tilth in the upper three inches. 

Learn how to use this paper pot transplanter in our free Paper Pot Starter Course.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Not all Paper Pot Transplanters are created equal.




“I used the Terratek version all season last year, and it literally helped make our season possible.  But the issues with it are as follows:

Weight is cumbersome; it very often flips the paper pot upside down, the paper chains occasionally break because of improper placement in my sandy soil, and its variable planting depth due to weight and various inconsistencies with the clunkiness of the transplanter.
When I unboxed the Japanese paperpot transplanter, I took it out in the field and went to plant immediately.   I noticed the planting depth wasn’t right, and with one simple height adjustment, I planted 3 x 100′ beds with none of the issues I had experienced during the whole season with the Terratek last year.  Literally blew my mind as the Terratek saved me immense time, but now knowing how much better the Japanese version works for me in my particular soil, I know this season I will be saving exponentially more time!”  Kyle in California


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Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 39 × 14 × 11 in

9 reviews for Paperpot Transplanter

  1. Arielle

    Love this tool! Cuts back 2 hours of hand planting a bed to under 10 minutes.

  2. Steph Hinkey

    This is a game changer. After assembling the transplanter, it took me 10 min. to transplant the first flat (a 45 ft long row at 2 in = 5 cm spacing), while adjusting the depth and covering. Then I planted 3 more flats in less than 10 min! I found that adjusting it fairly deep with a moderate amount of covering worked very well. I had tried the paper pot system without the transplanter (making a furrow, pulling out the pots, and covering by hand) which was a lot quicker than setting out individual transplants. But now while saving time, the transplanter cuts out all that kneeling and standing up again… What’s not to like?
    (Hint: Prepare your bed well. Rake it flat, removing any rocks. Consider marking the rows, at least at first until you get the hang of it.)

  3. Abner Santiago

    Very light equipment if I compare with the first I bought from another company…works perfect for our beds of 50’* 30″

  4. Dylan J.

    A great tool. After I first got it in 2018 I experimented a lot with it, trying different crops and soil conditions. Definitely saves a ton of time on transplanted crops. Now I use it exclusively for salanova transplanting. I would highly recommend getting the drop seeder plate it saves time and makes for perfect alignment in the paper pots, which is important. I found it did not work great with beets, which became mis-shapen due to root bound. Perhaps I was doing something wrong. My only complaint is the paper used in the system does not decompose and builds up trashy bits in the soil. Hopefully at some point they can formulate the paper to stand up to the planting system, but also decompose after a season or two. In the meantime, you will need to collect as much paper as you can after turning a bed.

  5. Chris Provetto

    What’s not to love about the transplanter!

  6. Kyle Burns

    We recently made the switch from the Terratek Paperpot Transplanter to this one(made in Japan). First off its surprisingly lighter at 15lbs. less than the Terratek version, which really adds up as its a semi-awkward tool. But even more importantly is how superior this tool works! After one adjustment it transplanted the paper chains flawlessly into the soil and I was able to do a 100′ bed in a few minutes. The Terratek model I used for a full season and it did worked, however it very often would flip the paper chains or break the chain, because of its weight and design flaw(in my opinion).

    I’ll never look back and highly recommend this product, as a bonus working with the owner Diego has been a breeze. Thanks for helping bring these tools in to our system!

  7. Andrew

    There is no debate…this is hands down the best tool for small plot farming. It saves time and saves my body. Perfect spacing and straight lines makes for easy cultivation. Easy to assemble, easy to use.

  8. Brittany Pennington

    I definitely had a love/hate relationship with this seeder the first few times i used it. Now that i have figured out how much moisture needs to be in my soil and how tilled it needs to be, this transplanter has saved me and my back. In our climate October is a huge month for getting all the transplants out in the feilds and i usually spend all month planting about 100 in a day. I did about 800 plants in 15 minutes. Awesome. I have successfully transplanted broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, all and any greens, lettuce, onions, turnips, beets, carrots, herbs, and okra. If you can afford it just buy the whole kit at once. I left out the trays and seed spreader at first purchase, but have recently bought the trays(much easier) and the seed spreader will be my next purchase. If you want to take your growing to the next level, this is it.

  9. Andie M

    We love this tool! It has made transplanting so much easier and more affordable. Before we would spend hours transplanting and the paper pot can do the same in 30minutes. Only wish it did a better job covering back up, but we get after it and get it done rather quickly. It definitely took a learning curve, so don’t be disappointed if you mess up. It just takes practice. Thanks for making this awesome tool!

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