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Want to do the same amount of work in less time?

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Paper Pot Transplanters

The Paper Pot Transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 100ft in just minutes.  What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Works great with a wide variety of crops!

Learn how the paper pot transplanter drastically reduce your farm’s transplanting time.

We are an official distributor of Japanese Paper Pot Transplanting Systems.

Jang Seeders

The Jang JP5 Seeder gives the ability to accurately and quickly seed 5 rows at a time with precision in-row and between row spacing.

Excels with raw and pelleted seed in a almost all soil conditions.

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Jang Seeders - JP1, JP5 used for seeding crops.



Paper Pot Transplanter transplanting crops.



High Quality

Quality matters, quality lasts.  We try to over engineer every product we make.  Our goal is to NEVER have a product break or wear out during normal use.  Countless hours spent during the design process, rigorous product testing, and high quality materials help ensure longetivty. 

Higher quality materials cost more.  There is no way around that.  While many products today are build using inferior materials, we try to build proucts like they did 50 years ago.  Strong, solid, and made to last.

Our products aren’t cheap – we know that.  Given that we want you to get more than your money’s worth and only have to buy a product once.

Locally Made

United States manufacturing is disappearting at a alarming rate.  More and more companies are going oversease to manufcature products to cut costs.  These cost savings come with other costs – the loss of local jobs, the fostering of sub-standard employment and environmental costs in other countries, and often a lesser quality product.   

We don’t believe that the trade-offs are worth it.  Given that our products aren’t as cheap as the could be, but we believe their better than they would be if we tried to cut costs.

Whenever possible we try to manufacture our products within the US or Canada keeping jobs local.  Every purchase supports not only our business, but many other US and Canadian business.

Fair Priced

We price our products as low as we possibly can.  We strive to charge you a fair price while allowing us to make a fair profit to pay our suppliers fairly and ourselves fairly.

Making a quality product locally and innovating new products isn’t cheap.  Producing copious amounts of free educational content isn’t cheap.  But those are things we are committed to. Each purchase supports our endeavours to further this movement and help you into the future.

Sure there are cheaper off brand products.  Sure you can save by low quality Chinese made tools.  But there is a cost.  We might not have the cheapest product out there and we are OK with that, because we know we have the best product out there.  As Benjamin Franklin said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”


Market Farming Resources

The Paper Pot Transplanter in the Field

A pretty creative and low tech carrot washer @garciasgardens. What do you think? 🥕
Repost from @garciasgardens “Carrot washer. We can do about 500lbs/day. total cost less than 40 bucks. To see a "snapshot in time" of the process click on link in profile @garciasgardens “ #carrots #marketfarming #marketgardening #urbanfarming

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Nice looking onions from “Known as the worlds sweetest onion! #longredtropeaonion starting to look good.... as soon as I harvested some I ran inside and sautéed some butter and eggs... for breakfast for us... so good. 😊”
#paperpot #paperpottransplanter #smallscalefarming #marketgardening #marketfarming #marketgardener #marketfarmer #smallfarms #urbanfarming #theurbanfarmer #farmsmallfarmsmart #farming #farmequipment #cooltools #growyourownfood #notractor #modernfarmer #farmtool #saveyourback #easiestjobonthefarm #appropriatetechnology #letthetooldothework #nomorebendingover #makefarminggreatagain

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Today I published a great conversation with farmer Josh Sattin @sattinhillfarm. We touched on a lot in this one from soil to start up to marketing online. All things Josh is excelling at. Josh is someone who has gone from 0 to 60 very fast in my opinion and he has learned a lot in a very short time (at least about farming). His rapid popularity on YouTube is a testament to that. I think you will really enjoy this one.

Check it out via the link in the profile or searching Farm Small Farm Smart. #farmpodcast #northcarolinafarming

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This weeks Best Of episode features Sam McClemore @mclemoresam. Sam talks about running a CSA based farm in the south and the challenges that go with it. He is doing some great things on his farm including you pick strawberries. Check him out on IG and listen to the podcast. Link in profile. #farmpodcast #csafarming #csafarm ...

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Pricking out and transplanting demo. I recently attended a workshop where they went through the process of pricking our seedlings and putting them up. Most ceilings are picked out around 2 to 3 weeks and then they sit in that second flat for another few weeks before going into the ground.
it is definitely more work than transplanting with the Paperpot or even using cell trays, but in the right situation there are some benefits. It was interesting to see and a little shocking. You wouldn’t think those little plants would survive the process but they did. And from having conversations it sounds like they get great results transplanting everything by hand including crops like carrots. I realize this is not for everybody but given your context it might make sense to use a process like this.

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This week’s interview on FSFS features a season’s end reflection on a timeless topic; the challenges of farming. More specifically, the challenges unique to a small scale farm with Benny and Courtney Pino @loblollyfarm. Specifically, we discuss caterpillar tunnels, weed pressure, and irrigation. We also address their plans for solutions to these issues coming into 2020.
Link in profile or anywhere you can find podcasts. #farmpodcast #flowerfarming #farmsmallfarmsmart

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