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Paper Pot Transplanters

The Paper Pot Transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 100ft in just minutes.  What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Works great with a wide variety of crops!

Learn how the paper pot transplanter drastically reduce your farm’s transplanting time.

Jang Seeders

The Jang JP5 Seeder gives the ability to accurately and quickly seed 5 rows at a time with precision in-row and between row spacing.

Excels with raw and pelleted seed in a almost all soil conditions.



Market Farming Resources

The Paper Pot Transplanter in the Field

Interesting interplanting strategy from @broadforkacres Getting the most out of bed space when you don’t need as much of a crop as a whole bed would occupy while stacking the crops in time as well. #stackingfunctions “Doing this from now on thanks to the tip from @aceofspadesfarm. 3 rows lettuce x 2 rows radish. We don’t sell as much radish so it doesn’t need the real estate and we can fit more lettuce on our farm or another crop. The radish will be ready in 3 weeks and then the lettuce about 2 weeks after. Most of the crop too gets harvested so it’s a pretty clean bed after. Lettuce are 6 inches apart in row and radish specs for our @paperpotco Jang are: Roller - F24, Cogs - 13-10. It’s hot and dry this time of year so we space direct seeded crops a little wider to ensure seeds get proper moisture and space to grow. Your cog setup might be different depending where you farm.” #jangseeder #paperpot ...

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Interesting trial @neversinkfarm with Clayton is and paper pot spacing. Excited to see how it turns out. Bottom line... there isn’t a standard paper pot for a given crop. It is very context specific and requires a lot of local trial and error to optimize for your situation. “Claytonia and some of the spinach have been planted by paper pot. In the two beds of claytonia, I am comparing 2” v 4” pots to see which produces the best without being too thick and rotting by trapping too much moisture which claytonia can do.” #paperpottransplanter. ...

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Benny & Courtney from @loblollyfarm are back on the latest episode of Farm Small Farm Smart. In this episode they talk about growing their farm and some of the challenges and struggles they’re facing doing that - think infrastructure, capital, and labor.

They also get into how big their farm needs to be and how big is big enough. A lot of businesses approach things with a mindset of growth is good and we just need to keep growing growing growing, but that may not always be the best fit for your context and lifestyle. Hear how they’re approaching it as a couple in this episode.

Enjoy it via iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else you can listen to podcasts. Link also in profile.
@diegofooter #farmsmallfarmsmart #farmpodcast #flowerfarm.

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I often get asked about how I manage my days. In short I try to keep it as simple as possible. Complex daily plans don’t get done. I find one of the biggest struggles for people is managing their tasks on a day to day basis - a la the To Do List.

Here is my best advice for making a quality To Do List that actually gets done. Keep it short with the most important tasks (3 is a great starting point) and make sure you can actually get them done in one day while allowing for buffer room. You can always do more, but a long list will never get done and always leave you stressed and feeling like you failed.

What works for you? #timemanagementtips

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Great example of using the paperpot transplanter to interplant between another crop. Repost from @probrothersfarm “These happy kale plants are even happier now with some purple scallion companions to keep them company.” #interplanting #paperpottransplanter ...

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This week episode takes us a few years back to one of the early The Urban Farmer episodes. Hard to believe these episodes were actually recorded that long ago. Seems like yesterday. #timeflies “It's June 9th and greens are being cut and cut and cut. That's resulting in a lot of product that is being sold to restaurants, distributors, and farmers market customers. This week we talk about delivering that product to restaurant customers and how that day looks from harvest to delivery. We also talk a lot about crop planning. How do you know what to plant now so you have it harvest later, and how do you know that you will have a market to sell that product to later.” Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere else you can find podcasts. Link in profile.
@diegofooter #farmpodcast #cropplanning #marketfarming.

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