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Paper Pot Transplanters

The Paper Pot Transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 100ft in just minutes.  What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Works great with a wide variety of crops!

Learn how the paper pot transplanter drastically reduce your farm’s transplanting time.

We are an official distributor of Japanese Paper Pot Transplanting Systems.

Jang Seeders

The Jang JP5 Seeder gives the ability to accurately and quickly seed 5 rows at a time with precision in-row and between row spacing.

Excels with raw and pelleted seed in a almost all soil conditions.

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High Quality

Quality matters, quality lasts.  We try to over engineer every product we make.  Our goal is to NEVER have a product break or wear out during normal use.  Countless hours spent during the design process, rigorous product testing, and high quality materials help ensure longetivty. 

Higher quality materials cost more.  There is no way around that.  While many products today are build using inferior materials, we try to build proucts like they did 50 years ago.  Strong, solid, and made to last.

Our products aren’t cheap – we know that.  Given that we want you to get more than your money’s worth and only have to buy a product once.

Locally Made

United States manufacturing is disappearting at a alarming rate.  More and more companies are going oversease to manufcature products to cut costs.  These cost savings come with other costs – the loss of local jobs, the fostering of sub-standard employment and environmental costs in other countries, and often a lesser quality product.   

We don’t believe that the trade-offs are worth it.  Given that our products aren’t as cheap as the could be, but we believe their better than they would be if we tried to cut costs.

Whenever possible we try to manufacture our products within the US or Canada keeping jobs local.  Every purchase supports not only our business, but many other US and Canadian business.

Fair Priced

We price our products as low as we possibly can.  We strive to charge you a fair price while allowing us to make a fair profit to pay our suppliers fairly and ourselves fairly.

Making a quality product locally and innovating new products isn’t cheap.  Producing copious amounts of free educational content isn’t cheap.  But those are things we are committed to. Each purchase supports our endeavours to further this movement and help you into the future.

Sure there are cheaper off brand products.  Sure you can save by low quality Chinese made tools.  But there is a cost.  We might not have the cheapest product out there and we are OK with that, because we know we have the best product out there.  As Benjamin Franklin said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”


Market Farming Resources

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Introduction Today we’re interviewing Jordan McPhee of Maple Bloom Farm from Prince Edward Island, whose farmers’ market was recently shut down due to the COVID pandemic. He organized an effort to bring the local vendors from his market online so that their customers could continue to patronize them at one central pickup location.    Can […]

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The Paper Pot Transplanter in the Field

I like the dumping soil on for multiple trays at once strategy. Do you single fill trays or multiple fill like this?
Repost from @beaverlandfarms “Seeding salanova lettuce and parsley in 6” @paperpotco chains. Not pictured, radishes, spinach, and beets.
The soil is still a few weeks away from being warm enough to plant into, but we can start our successions early and get them in ground with a nice head start.
Stay tuned, once they’ve had two weeks in the greenhouse, I’ll show you how we get them in the ground!”
#seedstarting #greenhouse #farmhack #paperpot #womenwhofarm #michiganfarming #urbanfarming

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It's the first 🌱 babe of 2019!!!! I immediately made a v loud noise of excitement awash with terror when I saw it because HERE WE GO AGAIN, Y'ALL. Ready, not so steady, go.
Giving the paperpotco a whirl this year which is already feeling incredibly rewarding. So many more plants per tray, so much less space necessary! Looking forward to zipzipzipping these pals in the ground in t-minus.
#andsoitbegins #plantbabies #youngfarmers #farmsmallfarmsmart #paperpottransplanter

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This week on the podcast we talk with Chris and Audra Wyant from central Illinois of @findingeminence .

Chris started the farm growing vegetables, but at first flush, the farm wasn’t selling enough. That’s when Audra came in growing flowers. Adapting and pivoting along the way they added not just flowers, but a flower CSA, on-farm workshops, and floral design for weddings.

They also discuss their Instagram and Facebook ads. This episode is all about knowing when you need a change and knowing and spreading your brand effectively. Listen to Farm Small Farm Smart anywhere you can hear podcasts.

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How about that for a salad mix! What mixes do you grow and sell? farmstandrevival ‘s Featured Farm: ⠀⠀
24carrotfarm “We grow organic fruits and vegetables on 13 acres in Placerville, CA. We are actively restoring the land and operating with passion and ethics.”⠀⠀
📷: 24carrotfarm⠀⠀
Happy Farming! ⠀⠀
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Join the movement!👨‍🌾👍 Quit your job & Go Urban Farm!🙌 We feature small regenerative growers 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 from around the world! 🥕 We are a community of growers! 😁 farmstandrevival ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #farmstandrevival #plantsofinstagram #plants #transplanting #paperpot #paperpottransplanter #organicproduce #lettuce #eatyourgreens #squarefootgardening #marketgarden #gardeningtips #gardendesign #gardeners #gardeninspiration #gardenlover #urbanfarming #growyourfood #veggiegarden #gardenme #biointensive #agriculture #smallgarden #microfarm #organicveggies #organiccertified #groworganic #salanova

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A great shot showing the size of peas and the roots at transplanting. Repost from @nyeranch “Sugar Snap P(l)eas(e) hurry up. Here’s our 2nd succession of peas in the paperpot.” ...

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Marketing season is officially in full swing this week for us. We're busy. And we're grateful to have amazing tools like this transplanter that lets one of us sneak away to get the planting done while some of us keep picking them peas. Onions, salanova lettuce, and sugar snap peas here, all planted with the paperpotco paperpot transplanter. #littlebigfarm #smallscalefarming #paperpottransplanter #paperpot ...

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Why Use The Paper Pot Transplanter?

“For small scale farms there is no rival, the paper pot transplanter is hands down the most efficient way to get transplants in the ground.”   A “mechanical” transplanter has long been missing from the world of small scale farming. While there are water wheel transplanters that do fit on compact tractors, these tools easily […]

An Introduction to Growing Flowers with the Paper Pot Transplanter

“Based on our experience over two seasons we have found we will never go back to hand transplanting.  The paper pot improved our overall farm efficiency by as much as a full day per week, but our quality of life has improved tremendously by taking one of the most challenging parts of farming and alleviating […]

Paperpot Crop Seeding Chart

You can use this chart to get started when you first start using the Paperpot System. Several growers sent in their data detailing how they use the system for various crops.  All of the data is field tested and based on successful crops. The goal of this chart is to give you a starting point.  […]