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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

  • It is actually cheaper for you if we ship your items from the US than it is for us to ship it to you from Canada.
  • Quotes are in USD
  • Quotes are generated based on your exact location.
  • Quotes are for the product and shipping only
  • Quotes do not include any brokerage charges, PST, GST, and/or duty – those charges could add up to around 10% of your total order depending on the product ordered. 
    • For example, the taxes and fees on 10 Paperpot Germination Trays and 10 Paperpot Solid Bottom Trays comes out to around $25.00.
    • For many Canadian locations that are close to urban centers shipping rates run from $0 to $50 per order. 
  • The average shipping time to Canada is 1o business days.
  • We can ship to a US location for FREE if you want to drive across the border and pick the order up.