How to Grow Carrots with the Jang Seeder

Growing Carrot

Growing Carrots with the Jang Seeder

Carrot is an easy crop to grow with the Jang.

Follow the steps below to get started and grow a great crop!

The Jang seeder is the classic market garden seeder.

It has become an industry standard for market farmers all around the world due to its ability to perform well in all soil conditions for a wide variety of crops.

The many available rollers for the Jang Seeder enable it to plant seeds as small as carrots and arugula or as large as peas and corn.

The Jang Seeder is made in South Korea and its quality is second to none.  The heavy-duty construction will keep it going year after year, unlike cheap Chinese knockoffs. 

If cared for and properly maintained the Jang Seeder will last a lifetime and likely be the only seeder you ever need to buy.

The Specifications for Planting Carrot with the Jang

Jang SeederJP5 or JP1
Gear Ratio14 Front x 10 Rear
Rows/30" Bed6
Seed/100' Bed20g (+/-)

Recommended Cultivars:

  • Adana, Napoli, Rainbow

Days to Maturity:

  • Baby: 36 days
  • Full Size: 55 Days

Target Crop Yield:

  • 180 bunches per 100’ x 30” bed, 8-10 carrots per bunch

Tools Needed:

  • Jang seeder (JP1 or JP5)
  • Broadfork
  • Tilther or Power Harrow
  • Bed prep rake
  • Flame weeder
  • Cultivator (wire weeder hoe, flex tine weeder, or bio-disc cultivator)

Bed Preparation

  • Broadfork the bed to aerate and loosen the soil, ensuring shapely carrots.
  • Smooth and shape the bed with a bed prep rake, removing any debris.
  • Fertilizer options:
    1) Layer on 1” of compost, enough to mostly cover the native soil
    2) Sprinkle on a combination of alfalfa meal and/or pelleted chicken manure
  • If layering compost, do not tilth in an effort to smother any surface weed seed.
  • If adding amendments, tilth the top 1” of soil to mix in amendments.
  • Irrigate for 10-14 days*, allowing any weed seed in top layer of soil to germinate.
  • Adding row cover to the beds can encourage weed seed germination.
  • Flame weed the bed when the cotyledons of the weed seeds have emerged.
  • Set up the Jang seeder: X24 roller, gears 14 front and 10 rear, brush down.
  • For the JP1, roll out each of the six rows evenly spaced across the bed.
  • For the JP5, only fill hoppers 1, 3, and 5 with seed. The bed can then be seeded in two passes with 6 perfectly spaced rows.
  • 6-7 days after seeding (before the carrots have emerged), flame weed the beds again to kill off any weed seed that may have taken longer to germinate.

Seeding with the Jang Seeder


  • Irrigate regularly to ensure the top layer of the soil never dries out prior to germination (10-14 days).
  • Deep watering will promote good development in early development, though excessive water in later stages can cause root cracking.
  • After carrots are 3-4” tall (20-25 days* after the direct seeding date), cultivate with either a wire weeder in between rows, a flex tine weeder, or a bio disc cultivator.
  • Remove any larger weeds by hand.
  • After that point, a canopy should form and any late weed seed emergence shouldn’t be a threat to the crop as it matures

Cultivation (Weeding)


  • For optimum baby carrot size, sweetness, and tenderness, harvesting can begin at 7 weeks*.
  • Crop should be harvested within 2 weeks* after that point, to maintain “baby” characteristics.
  • If selling per bunch, bunch carrots (8-10 per bunch) directly after pulling, then stack in to harvest tote.
  • If selling per pound, twist off tops in the field and place carrots in harvest tote.
  • Using a Washdown Gun sprayer over a root wash table, spray each bunch while rotating until all soil is thoroughly cleaned off.
  • For topless bulk carrots, spray carrots in a perforated harvest container (sliding it around as you as you spray), ensuring all sides of the carrots have been cleaned.
  • Store carrots in a refrigerated space inside a plastic bag or tote to maintain moisture and crispness until going to market

Washing and Packing

*All dates can vary based on local climate and soil conditions and time of year.

The Jang Seeder makes seeding in field extremely easy. It’s the only seeder you will ever need.

The Jang has become an industry standard for market farmers around the world due to its ability to perform well in all soil conditions for a wide variety of crops.

It is extremely accurate and precise allowing you to control seed spacings down to one-half inch.

Get started with the Jang on your farm and download the Growers Notes below.


If you have any questions, please reach out or 877.850.1555.