Seeding Every Other Paperpot Cell Using Skip Plates

Have you felt limited by the paper chain pots only coming in 2”, 4”, and 6” spacing?

Have you wanted to use the Paperpot system for crops with in-row spacings of 8” or 12”…or even 18”?

Good news–you can!

Seeding every other cell in a 4” paper chain pot will give you 8” in-row spacing, and every other cell in a 6” paper chain gives you 12” in-row spacing. 

Seeding every third cell in a 6” paper chain would give you 18” in-row spacing. Having an understanding of the order of the paper chain cells as they unravel will guide you on how to go about this:

Here is another visual illustrating exactly how to sow every other cell in a paper chain:

If you only had 4” paper chains on hand, but you needed to seed a crop that required 12” in-row spacing, you could also seed every third cell to accomplish this. 

Every third cell in a 6” paper chain could also provide 18” in-row spacing. See the following illustration for reference on how to do this:

While sowing every other cell (or every third cell) by hand is an option, it does add on a significant increase in labor time and negates using your Kwik Klik Drop Seeder. 

There’s also the option of taping over the holes where you don’t want the seed to drop with painter’s tape. While both options are possible, neither is ideal. 

To solve this problem, Paperpot Co. offers custom SKIP PLATES specifically designed only to drop seeds in every other cell. 

If 8” or 12” plantings are a regular part of your crop plan, investing in skip plates for 4” or 6” paper chain pots could be a huge time saver for your farm!

Give us a shout at, and we’ll hook you with the exact Kwik Klik skip plate to meet your needs.