A Very Important Topic Affecting Farmers (and Everyone Else) (FSFS170)


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We’ll be talking about a difficult subject today. A subject that has come up a lot recently in the farming space is depression. About twenty million Americans have depression, and not everyone who has it will look like they have it. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and manners.

Depression and suicide are painful subjects, but they are subjects that we need to acknowledge and talk about to truly understand. The better we understand them, the better we are able to help others and ourselves.

Today we have Chris Gilbert on the show to give us a little bit of that understanding.


Today’s Guest: Chris Gilbert

Chris Gilbert is a farmer and owner of Gilbert Grapes Urban Farm in Bettendorf, Iowa. Chris has had depression since he was thirteen years of age, and has overcome it today.


Relevant Links

            Gilbert Grapes Urban Farm – Shop | Facebook | E-mail


In this episode of Farm Small, Farm Smart

  • “If you’re struggling with emotional issues or depression, please reach out to me.
                I’ve been there.” (03:50)
  • It’s hard to find the words to say (13:35)
  • Turning the corner and getting out (17:50)
  • A step away from depression: a dangerous place to be (19:30)
  • Handling negative thoughts (21:00)
  • Viewing the world now vs. then (24:15)
  • “If you want to be happy, think happy thoughts.” (36:30)
  • How was having a farm changed his view on life (40:00)
  • You are not alone. (47:00)


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