The Profitable Mini-Farm – Want a Greenhouse? Think about these things first. (E11)

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Episode Summary

The Profitable Mini-Farm is a new series hosted by Diego Footer and Jodi Roebuck to take a deep dive into the technicalities of farming—from designing your farm’s layout to crop planning to treating your soil.

In this episode of The Profitable Mini Farm, Jodi and Diego talk about important considerations to think about before getting a greenhouse. Jodi also talks about the “why” behind getting a greenhouse, as well as what it means for a market farm to invest in a permanent greenhouse structure.

Today’s Guest: Jodi Roebuck

Jodi Roebuck is the main farmer behind Roebuck Farm and is a John Jeavons alumnus. He has been teaching sustainable bio-intensive growing techniques all over the world for over 20 years with the aim of creating sustainable food systems while bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.

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In this episode of Farm Small, Farm Smart

  • Diego introduces the episode on what to consider before getting a greenhouse (01:22)
  • Check out Paperpot Co.’s new InsectaNet – Insect Protection Netting (01:49)
  • Why even consider getting a greenhouse for your market garden? (03:53)
    • Climate and year-round operations (04:13)
    • Season extension and consistency (05:06)
  • Greenhouse cost in vs. greenhouse cost out (06:23)
    • Looking at Return on Investment (06:39)
  • The additional revenue a greenhouse brings (09:33)
  • Going beyond financial: improved quality of life (12:08)
  • The thought process behind Roebuck Farm’s greenhouse size (14:08)
    • Looking after the team’s quality of life (15:57)
  • Factors to consider when selecting a greenhouse (20:52)
    • Design for ventilation (21:23)
  • Say hello to the perfect low tunnel solution: Kwik Hoops! (24:33)
  • Should rain be a consideration when selecting a greenhouse design? (26:56)
  • Why caterpillar tunnels wouldn’t work for Roebuck Farm’s context (28:18)
  • Can your market stream support your production if you get the biggest greenhouse? (31:15)
  • The best place to put up a greenhouse (34:56)
    • Will you be growing during winter? (35:29)
  • Are the greenhouses at Roebuck Farm equipped with utilities? (38:00)
    • Benefits to heating the greenhouse (39:55)
    • Is it worth heating the greenhouse? (41:38)
    • Would tomatoes benefit from a heated greenhouse? (45:34)
  • Mitigating climate-related growing issues with greenhouse crops (47:25)

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