The Urban Farmer: Pricing Products & Bringing On a New Employee (FSFS04)

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Bits of wisdom

  • “I can have someone else work in the business, and I can work on the business.”
  • If you are selling all of your product, then you know your prices are right.

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5 replies on “The Urban Farmer: Pricing Products & Bringing On a New Employee (FSFS04)

  • Nate Dodson

    This is so awesome and valuable. I am going to be launching an urban farm in Bloomington IN in 2016 and I’m pretty much going to follow Curtis’ model and this advice to the T. Thanks so much Diego – and Curtis!

  • tim

    great series. I am always looking forward to the next weeks ep.
    Can you explain the drip irrigation plumbing a little? It looks like black PVC with holes punched in it. True? Do you space the holes at the same distance of the planting or is it more generic/used for any row/crop?


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