The Urban Farmer: Solving the Sales Problem – Optimizing Your Fresh Sheet to Increase Sales (FSFS24)

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Tips for Creating and Optimizing Farm Fresh Sheets

  • A fresh sheet is a list of what you are selling currently on the farm, and for what price.
  • Make your fresh sheet mobile friendly.  Chefs work a lot on their phones, not computers.  Use decent size text that you can read on a phone.
  • Keep it simple.  Not too wordy.  Right to the point. 
  • Fresh sheets prompt orders.  They provide a friendly reminder to chefs to place orders.
  • Save time by creating a template that works for you and your customers and just use it every week.
  • Curtis only lists things that he has a lot of, meaning things that he has a full deliverable quantity of.  It’s better to not list things that you don’t’ have a lot of.  You can communicate those products individually to certain customers.
  • You don’t want to get in the habit of not having enough product and shorting chefs.
  • Pay attention to current year’s and previous year’s trends.  That will help you predict orders, which can help with harvest planning.
  • Always try to get orders in writing for record keeping – text, email.
  • You kind of have to be a pain in the ass with chefs, and nag them a bit.   They are busy and they can forget to place orders.
  • When you have to do stuff that’s routine.  Do it fast.
  • It’s important to have a diversity of customers.  Because customers come and call. And odds are low that all customers go at once.

What’s On the Fresh Sheet

Farm Information: Logo, Phone Number, A Picture

Feature Any New Products and have description there.

Order Deadline

Categories – Greens, Herbs, Roots, Microgreens, Tomatoes



Very small description of things like the spring mix.

For example:


Spring Mix – $10lb.

Lettuce, Baby Beet Green, Arugula


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