Conquering Analysis Paralysis By Starting a Whole Farm at Once – The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS94)

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Welcome to world of Farming Small and Farming Smart, it’s The Urban Farmer.

When you are starting any new business it can be very overwhelming.

You have a lot to do all at once – building infrastructure, creating your brand, marketing, cultivating a customer base, customer service, and of course producing a product.

All essentially full time jobs, but full time jobs that need to be done all at once, by one person, you.

It can be very overwhelming.

Where do you start?

After all you can’t just focus on producing good product without cultivating a customer base or you have no one to sell that product to. And you can’t start producing product without having some way to clean and store that product.

Given that you really need to start everywhere, doing it all in parallel.

For a lot of new farmers this is where analysis paralysis sets in, and it’s the topic of today’s episode.

Here it is Conquering Analysis Paralysis By Starting a Whole Farm at Once in this episode of The Urban Farmer.

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Notes on Doing it All

  • Start in defensive mode.
    • Prioritize what you need to be done.
    • Start with market streams.  Until you know where you are selling you don’t know what to do in the field.
  • Get some cash flow going.
  • Ask: “Am I taking on too much?”
    • “Is this really necessary?”
    • “Will this make us money?”
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Connect with Curtis Stone

If you want to learn more about Curtis Stone and urban farming, then check out Curtis’ book, The Urban Farmer, and his course, Profitable Urban Farming.

Watch Curtis on YouTube

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The Urban Farmer Book by Curtis Stone

Profitable Urban Farming – The Course

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