Growing a $100,000 Farm – Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farm on No-Till, Farm Efficiency, and Balancing Life (FSFS97)

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Today I’m talking to a grower who’s admittedly “I’m a little bit obsessive about growing high-quality produce.”

It’s an obsession that’s fueled his farm’s growth, and an obsession that is a bit necessary to fuel the farm’s growth to bring his fiancé onto the farm full-time.

And while Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farms’ obsession may be on growing high-quality produce, it’s not only on growing high-quality produce, because Elliot realized the importance of work-life balance and the need to have a time and place to enjoy the other things created on the farm.

Today Elliot is going to talk specifically about how they do that, in part by focusing intentionally on making the farm more efficient through appropriate technology, no-till, and optimizing equipment.

Elliot’s also going to talk about how he and his fiancé are approaching farm transition. Because she’s current employed as a schoolteacher, a necessary step in their farm’s evolution, but one that’s only a step, where the long-term goal is to get her onto the farm full time.

Looking into the future, it’s the farming methods that Emma and Elliot use which will make this all possible, a farm that provides multiple incomes on just over half and an acre…

Let’s get into it, with one of the masters of farm efficiency, Elliot Seldner.

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