Jang JP5 Seeder vs. the Six-Row Seeder: Which is Better?

Farmer Erich Schultz of Steadfast Farm was asked about the differences between Jang JP5 Seeder and the 6-Row seeder in this video.

The Six-Row Seeder

Erich Schultz has used the six-row seeder for high-density crops for a long while, and one thing he can say about it is: it gets the job done. It’s a great starter high-density seeder for beginners, hobby gardeners, and backyard growers. 

That said, to be able to use the six-row seeder smoothly, your bed needs to be well-prepped. 

Steadfast Farm’s soil is challenging to work with, and because of that, trying to seed without having the perfect soil moisture can be an absolute nightmare. In fact, not having the soil moisture right can set them back from planting for up to a week just waiting to get the soil moisture right. 

Even after power harrowing the beds and running them through with a bed roller to tamp the soil and pack it down, seeding can still be a challenge.

According to Erich, using the six-row seeder can also be a bit hard on the body since you really have to lean into the seeder to get it going. 

The Jang JP5 Seeder

“It’s all about bed prep and consistency of the density,” was the first thing Erich said when asked about the difference between the JP5 and the six-row seeder. 

Erich seemed pretty pleased with how the JP5 works as he listed down all the things that he didn’t need to perfect just to get the Jang running smoothly: the beds don’t need to be perfect; the soil’s moisture level doesn’t need to be perfect; the tamping doesn’t need to be perfect. 

Erich never had to worry because the Jang will go through many different soil conditions. 

“It’s beautiful,” Erich says. 

When Erich switched from using the 6-row seeder to the 5-row Jang seeder, they had to go from doing 12 rows to doing 10 rows.

Now, you might be worried about how much it affects their yield, but here’s the thing: it didn’t. They did not see any loss in production after the switch. 

Overall, the Jang JP5 Seeder is a more versatile and accurate multi-row seeder for market gardeners.


Check out our Jang Growers Notes to get more detailed information about how to use the Jang Seeder with popular vegetable crops.

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