Paperpot Crop Seeding Chart

You can use this chart to get started when you first start using the Paperpot System.

Several growers sent in their data detailing how they use the system for various crops.  All of the data is field tested and based on successful crops.

The goal of this chart is to give you a starting point.  You will more than likely need to change variables based on season, weather, location, desired crop size and look, disease, soil fertility and tilth, and they specific variety.

In general, you can assume that closer in row spacing, more seeds per cell, and more rows per bed will yield a larger amount of smaller crops.  While a longer in row spacing, fewer seeds per cell, and fewer rows per bed will yield a smaller amount of larger crops.  For example – lots of small beets versus less large beets.

Use the values here to get started, then keep good notes and make good observations, while adjusting your methods to get more optimum results.




If you see different data for the same crop, then different growers are growing the crops differently.

If a value is missing, it wasn’t provided by the grower.