Starting and Growing an On Site Farmstand and Farm with Jenny Quiner of Dog Patch Urban Gardens (FSFS119)

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One thing that I have learned from talking to hundreds of farmers is there are literally dozens of ways to sell your farm product, you just have to get creative. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the creative ways to sell your farm products.

Today, I am talking to a farmer who got creative with an on-site farmstand sales model, and it’s a move that has paid off huge, with the farmstand becoming a bigger and bigger piece of the business.

Jenny Quiner of Dog Patch Urban Gardens in Des Moines, IA is in her second season of farming and facing all the challenges and success that go with a new business.  She’s farming full-time while raising three kids, and her on-site farmstand has taken off.  It’s a success that ties into Jenny’s mission of cultivating community, as the stand has evolved into a local grocery store because we sell our products as well as items from other growers/producer 

It’s a creative and fascinating model, and one which a lot of farmers could add to their sales tool kit, and it’s one of the many great things happening with farmer Jenny Quiner.

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