The Profitable Mini-Farm – The Importance of a Great Potting Mix (E15)

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Episode Summary

The Profitable Mini-Farm is a new series hosted by Diego Footer and Jodi Roebuck to take a deep dive into the technicalities of farming—from designing your farm’s layout to crop planning to treating your soil.

In this episode of The Profitable Mini Farm, Jodi and Diego talk about potting mix, also known as propagation mix. They dive into the importance of using good quality potting mix to ensure successful crops, as well as the pros and cons of making your own potting mix versus purchasing potting mix.

Today’s Guest: Jodi Roebuck

Jodi Roebuck is the main farmer behind Roebuck Farm and is a John Jeavons alumnus. He has been teaching sustainable bio-intensive growing techniques all over the world for over 20 years with the aim of creating sustainable food systems while bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.

            Roebuck FarmWebsite | Instagram | Facebook

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In this episode of Farm Small, Farm Smart

  • Diego introduces the episode on potting mix (00:08)
  • Check out Paperpot Co.’s InsectaNet Insect Protection Netting (00:55)
  • A preference for compost texture for use in potting mix (01:50)
  • Jodi Roebuck’s thoughts on the role of propagation or potting mix in a crop’s success (03:10)
  • Buying vs. making your own propagation or potting mix (04:53)
  • Attributes of a good quality potting or propagation mix (06:33)
  • To add or not to add fertility to a potting mix (07:55)
    • The breakfast-lunch-dinner concept (11:01)
  • A certain soil type for the 50/50 garden soil/compost ratio (11:36)
    • Recycling used potting mix (13:16)
  • A potting mix for microgreens and a potting mix for transplants (13:56)
    • Adding enrichments as needed (15:36)
  • The lifecycle of recycled microgreens potting mix (17:06)
  • If you’ll be making potting mix, keep it simple (21:50)
  • Looking for a durable, low-cost solution to protect your crops? Check out Kwik Hoops! (24:22)
  • Some key aspects to growing successful, high-quality transplants (25:38)
    • Which works better with filling trays: wetter or drier soil? (26:36)
  • Using heat pads in the propagation chamber (30:03)
  • Supplementing light in the propagation house (32:10)
  • Concerns about weed seeds in the potting mix (35:36)
  • Cost savings with making your own potting mix (38:18)
  • The assurance of knowing what’s in the potting mix (39:45)

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