The Urban Farmer Podcast: It’s Winter, Know the Farm Numbers (FSFS01)

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Is a crop worth growing in an urban farming situation?

  1. Date to maturity low?  Is it 85 days or less?
  2. Target a high yield per square foot.
  3. Grow crops that have a high price per unit.
  4. How long is the seasonality of the crop?  Weeks or months?
  5. Is the crop popular?


Bits of wisdom

  • It’s crucial to take good notes throughout the farming season so you can reflect back on those notes after the season and adjust for the upcoming season.
  • Know your numbers.  Is that you do worth the time and month?  Is it profitable?
  • Have a balanced life.  Take at least one day off a week.  Take some time off during the winter.
  • If you are farming in the winter expect 1/4 of the crop production that you would get in the summer season.


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