The Urban Farmer: There’s A Party In The Greenhouse?!?!? (FSFS07)

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 The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone

The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone else’s).

Major benefits include:

  • Low capital investment and overhead costs
  • Reduced need for expensive infrastructure
  • Easy access to markets

Growing food in the city means that fresh crops may travel only a few blocks from field to table, making this innovative approach the next logical step in the local food movement.

Based on a scalable, easily reproduced business model, The Urban Farmer is your complete guide to minimizing risk and maximizing profit by using intensive production in small leased or borrowed spaces.

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5 replies on “The Urban Farmer: There’s A Party In The Greenhouse?!?!? (FSFS07)

  • Nate Dodson

    Thanks again Curtis and Diego for this wonderful series! Will be preordering the book here shortly!

    I’ve been listening to all the episodes and checking out Curtis’ YouTube stuff, and I’ve definitely got some questions.

    I’m well underway starting this year with 2000 sq ft and planning to quadruple for season 2.

    Here are my major questions:

    1. Exactly how much profit is he actually making after accounting for all expenses, labor, materials, taxes, etc – in Canadian or US dollars so I can covert? I know this is really personal, sorry for asking, but this would really help with financial planning and convincing family/investors

    2. What strategies are used to reduce product waste? How do you get it all sold without overselling?

    3, this goes right along with 2, but how do you structure a fresh sheet for chefs to avoid overselling etc since you haven’t actually harvested the stuff your selling yet?

    4. Should I try to actually sell my small quantities/inconsistant product to chefs this year or Do you think I could risk setting a bad impression? Was thinking of mostly just gifting this year and using that to open dialogue with chefs and the community

    5. Strategies for dealing with crop residue on a no-till system

    6. Do you ever do foliar applications of fertilizer or test plants for deficiencies

    Thanks so much, appreciate any insights!

    Nate Dodson
    Hugs Farm, Bloomington IN

  • Mike

    We have a local honor system vegetable farm stand nearby and they have the more sensitive plants in simple coolers with some ice. They also sell their excess seed starts. They have instructions for paying with paypal.

    Thanks for the series guys. Very inspiring!


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