The Urban Farmer: Gaining Access to Land and How To Convert the Land from Lawn to Mini Farm (FSFS09)

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Tips for seeking out land to farm

  • Make sure that you are on the same page with the landowner BEFORE you enter the deal.
  • Curtis gives his landowners about $80 to $150 a month in produce.  That roughly equates out to the amount that the landowner would have to spend per month if they paid someone to maintain the land.
  • Don’t be fixed on buying land.  Leasing, renting, or trading for access to land is a low-risk way to start and may make more financial sense in the long run.

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6 replies on “The Urban Farmer: Gaining Access to Land and How To Convert the Land from Lawn to Mini Farm (FSFS09)

  • John Wolfram

    I’m so thankful that Diego and Curtis are putting on an urban farmer podcast that actually focuses a bit on business. Every time I hear some permaculturist talk about gross sales per acre instead of net revenue per acre I have to fight off the urge to slap them upside the head.

  • Trevor

    This was a pretty good episode but a thing that I think wasn’t covered was how he first got access to land.
    At this point in his operation he covers people coming to him offering land but how did he get his foot in the door? Was it cold calling someone that had appropriate space available?
    I read You Can Farm several years ago and just curious what it takes in real terms to make that connection.

  • Drew

    Fantastic tips for seeking out land to farm. Good communication is important when making a purchase like this so a clear understanding of the deal is crucial. Thanks so much for sharing.


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