The Urban Farmer: Streamlining Tasks and Being More Efficient. Tips for Maximizing Effort and Time on the Farm (FSFS17)

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Ways of making the farm for efficient and effective.

  • What crops aren’t worth that much, but are still worth growing to add some variety to what you can offer.  Can you grow those crops in non-prime spaces?
  • Can you offer case lot and bulk quantities of products to large buyers?
  • Does your product have to be bunched?  If the consumer doesn’t care, then you can save a lot of time harvesting and washing.
  • Offering more value to the customers that really want to buy more stuff.  Focus on the quality customers instead of trying to get more customers.
  • Maximize your transit time.  Think about what needs to be done where and always bring stuff back and forth.
  • Transit time adds up.  Close plots mean less transit time, and that time benefit may outweigh other gains that farther plots present.
  • Time on Farm Hacks: stale seed-bedding (tarps, flame weeding), no-till, landscape fabric to prevent weeds.
  • Can you create or use passive systems that mitigate or eliminate tasks that don’t pay.
  • Interplanting has greatly improved Curtis’ farm productivity.
  • Soil blocks can greatly increase transplanting times.

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