The Urban Farmer: Being Realistic with Your First Year Expectations – Work to Learn, Not to Earn (FSFS31)

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Defensive Rotation for Pests

  • If a crop has pest issues, get that crop off of that plot and get it somewhere else.

When pests are spotted:

  1. Immediately identify the issue.
  2. Then find out if it’s affecting other crops.
  3. Then start planting a new succession of that crop at another plot.
  4. If you know that certain plots get hit by certain pests, then stop planting that crop there.  This could be always or seasonal.

Setting First Year Expectations

  • Look at your few first years as though you are going to school to learn something.
  • Try to give yourself a bit of a financial buffer for the first year. 
  • Be realistic with your first year expectations.  Don’t get overconfident at the risk of log term gain.
  • Expect to make a third (or relatively low number) of your ultimate goal the first year. 
  • Work to learn, not to earn.  It isn’t one year or bust. 

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