The Urban Farmer: Improving Processes to Be More Time, Energy, and Labor Efficient AND more Profitable (FSFS33)

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How can you speed the harvesting process?

  • Do you need to leave the tops on?
  • Can you wash the product in a faster and easier way?
  • Can you bunch them in the field?
  • Can you bag the product versus bunching it?
  • Can you package the product in larger sizes?
  • Can you go with a standard sized product?

Simple farm record keeping tips…

  • Allocate 2 half hour blocks (at least) per week for reviewing your farm numbers.
  • Use that time to input and review your data.
  • Constantly be checking back to your records and review them.
  • Some key points to keep track of:
    • What’s be marketed and actually sold?
    • What’s going into the field?
    • What’s coming off the field?
  • Be looking at the total gross revenue each week and speculate on what may come up based on current and past results.

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