The Urban Farmer: If you don’t succeed it’s your own fault; Stop blaming people and get to work (FSFS45)

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We start off today talking about whether you should start farming with a greenhouse or not.

The conversation quickly turns into reasons why people succeed and don’t succeed.

Hopefully this episode is a welcome kick in the ass for those who need it. And motivation to keep kicking ass for everyone else.

Equipment starting out?

  • The proper tools at the beginning allow you to hit the ground running.
    • But remember, the tools don’t make the farm, it’s ultimately how you use those tools and manage the farm that determines success.
    • If you have the money, the additional upfront investment in tools may help force you to take things REALLY seriously up front.
  • If you are entering a crowded market it is important to find your niche.
  • “Being successful means doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you want to do it or not.”
  • “If you aren’t prepared to go outside when it’s pissing rain, then this job isn’t for you.”
  • Stop over thinking everything.  Get something working first and then try to iterate and make it better as needed.
    • Take the basic information and just go with it.
    • ” You will screw stuff up here and there, don’t worry about it, just learn from it and don’t do it again, or improve on it to do something else, or those failures will be happy accidents so you discover new things.”
  • “What lies on the other side of fear… success.”
  • [BOOK] How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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