The Urban Farmer: Farming For More Than Dollars – A Look at The Multiple Forms of Income from Farming (FSFS50)

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Most people don’t get into farming to get rich.

Does that mean that you can’t get rich farming, no it doesn’t. But if you only motivation to farm is to get rich, then you better buckle up because you have rocky road ahead.

Because when it comes to amassing monetary riches the road hasn’t historically been paved by good soil and a tractor.

That’s not to say that there aren’t rich farmers, because there are, but it’s not the norm.

If are getting into farming only for the money, to get rich, then you better think about how you are going to do that, and why you are going to do that.

If money isn’t your only motivator for getting into farming, then you better think about why you are getting into it, and how you are going to do it.

Either way it won’t be easy. But either way can make you rich, it all comes down to, how you define rich.

Today’s episode is a look beyond the bank account. It’s a look at all of the other benefits and reasons to be an entrepreneur and to be farmer.

This episode is us kicking around ideas and brainstorming to broaden the idea of what being rich, truly means.

It’s a definition that’s different for everyone. And it’s one that you need to define when you get into this. Because if you define it, it makes it a lot easier to become rich, and if you don’t then it makes it a lot easier to stay poor.

The Many Benefits of Farming Beyond Financial Income:

  • Building relationships with people in your community.
    • Help others in the neighborhood.
    • Open and create opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Working outside on the land.
  • Working from home around the people that are important to you.
  • Grow your own high quality food.
  • Location optionality.
    • Farming is needed all over, so you can basically live anywhere.
    • If you want to relocate you have transferable skills.  You take the skills with you when you go.
  • Opportunity to innovate and be creative.
  • Fulfill the ‘WHY I WANT TO DO THIS’ motivation for yourself, in various possible ways.
  • Take control of your own life – grow the business as large or as small as you want.

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2 replies on “The Urban Farmer: Farming For More Than Dollars – A Look at The Multiple Forms of Income from Farming (FSFS50)

  • Fab

    Another great episode guys!! I’m on the cusp of breaking out and getting into small scale farming. Loved the part you talked about Curtis consulting clients with children and how they do it, that hits home for sure. Would love to hear more on that and how people have overcame their concerns and made the jump. Thanks again!!


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