The Urban Farmer: Real World Challenges and Concerns about Starting Up a Farm on Half an Acre – How to Make it Happen and What to Think About – A Case Study (FSFS59)

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Farming, it truly is a lifestyle. And one that a lot of people seek out.

This leads people down the road of thinking about how can they start or transition into small scale farming.

And when they go down that path they inevitably run into issues.  Because startup isn’t always clear, or easy, and there are always unique challenges.

Today we will take take a look at one listeners plan to transition into farming and startup an urban farm of his own.

This is the story of Michael from LA, and Michael wants to be a farmer.

He has a lot of resources, constraints, and questions.

And that’s what we’ll be digging into today, in Season Two, Episode 19 of The Urban Farmer.

Notes from the case study with Michael from LA

  • If you are passionate about what you are doing, then sales should be easy.
    • You are selling what you believe in and what you put your hard work into.
    • If they don’t buy from you, they WILL by somewhere else.  Is the other source BETTER than you?
  • If you don’t want to sell, then owning a business isn’t for you.  
    • Or you need a partner that will do the sales.  A vested partner, not an employee.
  • Embrace the stories, speak your passion, be yourself – to help get yourself over the fear of selling.
  • There are many options for selling – some may be more aligned with your strengths and context, you can try those.
  • A roadside stand,farm gate might make sense:
    • in the right location – on a main traffic route with a lot of volume going by
    • in the right area with the right customer base
    • if you have a destination location and/or you are a destination
    • if work is minimal – doesn’t much, so maybe worth a shot.
  • Do you NEED this to work or do you just WANT it to work?
    • If you NEED it to work you will hustle more with a sense of urgency.
  • What is your holistic context – is this a business that is a livelihood or is this a hobby business?
    • You need to know and set and keep expectations accordingly.
  • Focus on the items that will get you where you want to go that align with your context.
  • You likely don’t need to do as much as you are thinking you need to do.
  • Be cautious of the danger of over-planning and over-thinking.
    • The planning isn’t all of the work.
    • Be flexible in your design, planning, and implementation. 
    • Let form define function.
  • Be cautious of starting too big from day one.
  • Have a clear and concise vision of what you want to do and what you want to get out of life.

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