The Urban Farmer: Growing to Get Better – Not Just Bigger – Changes Coming to Green City Acres (FSFS65)

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It’s currently September 15, 2016 and the end of the regular farming season is near. Along with it is Curtis’s tenure at the Kelowna Farmers Market.

After 7 seasons at the farmers market, Curtis is moving on. It’s part of a larger effort to simplify the farm and match the farm to his lifestyle.

At this point in his career Curtis is trying to simplify his farm. Not grow bigger just to be bigger. Instead choosing to grow better becoming more efficient and effective. That means focusing on the market streams that work, the products that sell, and moving to plots located even closer to his homebase.

Part of those changes involve dropping things like the farmers market which has done since the beginning of his career. But it’s a market stream that requires getting up on Saturday for 8 months of the year and it’s a market stream that isn’t growing anymore.

And It’s one of the many changes taking place at Green City Acres, resulting in a farm that will look very different come April 2017.

Today we will take a look at the many changes coming to Green City Acres, along with they why behind those changes.

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