The Urban Farmer: Making More Money With Less Land – Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm – Part 2 (FSFS67)

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Today is two in our series focusing on more money, less land, where we are brainstorming ideas to make more money off of your farm without, without adding more land.

Last week we focused on two of the primary concepts that had a lot of ideas under them:

If you aren’t moving all of your current product, sell it all.
Selling all of your current product, but you know there is more demand…

Today we will focus on a third primary concept:

Change Your Product Profile and Crops

It’s all about making more just by changing what you grow and when you grow it.

There’s a lot in here, enjoy it…

Ways to make more money off of your farm without adding more land to the farm:

Change Your Product Profile and Crops…
  1. For each product and crop analyze:
    1. Total Revenue Generated for Each
    2. Total Yield for Each (average yield per bed)
    3. How long to grow that product?
    4. How much work did that work take to go from seed to packaged?
    5. Remove where numbers aren’t optimum.
  2. Are you growing what everyone else is growing?
    1. If there is a glut of something on the market, then that’s probably killing the price.  Are you sure that you want to grow that?
    2. If there is a hole in the market find that. 
      1. Specialize in that or specialize in something.
  3. Cut the most expensive crops to grow.
  4. Increase crops that have a high turnover and high rotation.
    1. Many crops of greens in the time it takes to grow one crop of potatoes given the same amount of space.
  5. Grow crops and/or varieties that are higher yield both in one shot and with cut and come again – more cuts per greens.
  6. Grow same crops, but change when you have a crop available. 
    1. Season extension
    2. Change Varieties
    3. Utilize the nursery
    4. Growing out of season will add value.
  7. Consider the production period of each crop relative to the total time in the ground of the plant itself.

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