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JP1 – Jang Seeder


The JP1 is the classic single-row Jang seeder.

It has become an industry standard for market farmers all around the world due to its ability to perform well in all soil conditions for a wide variety of crops.

The many available rollers for the JP1 enable it to plant seeds as small as carrots and arugula or as large as peas and corn.

You can also purchase the JP1 Complete Kit here.

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The JP1 is made in South Korea and its quality is second to none.  The heavy-duty construction will keep it going year after year, unlike cheap Chinese knockoffs.  If cared for and properly maintained the JP1 will last a lifetime and likely be the only single-row seeder you ever need to buy.


  • Extremely high accuracy seeding in most soil conditions
  • Unlimited seed spacing options – change rollers and gear ratios to get the perfect in-row spacing for your crop
  • Singulate seeds – from small to large seeds, the JP1 gives you the ability to plant one or many
  • Quick-release hopper makes changing rollers and pouring out seed easy and fast
  • A covered hopper means you can plant in the rain without ruining seed
  • Adjustable handle for height
  • Handle push bar slides from side to side so you can seed comfortably from either side of the bed
  • Changeable gears for adjusting seed density in-row
  • Clear plastic hopper to view seed level
  • Hopper volume = 0.26 gal
  • Includes interchangeable sprockets #: 9, 10, 11 (2), 13, 14

*Rollers must be purchased separately. The Jang will not work without rollers.



Start with proven roller and sprocket combinations.

Below is a chart showing the Jang Rollers and Sprocket configurations needed to plant the most common market garden crops and homestead vegetable crops with the Jang JP1 and JP5.

We have also included the recommended number of rows of each crop per 30-inch bed.

We suggest using this chart as a starting point and then adjusting based on local conditions.



Jang JP1 JP5 Seeding ChartThe seeding chart was developed in partnership with Erich Shultz of Steadfast Farm.

Download the Paperpot Co Jang Seeding Chart


The Jang ships from a third-party shipper; when you receive your Jang JP1, the only assembly required is to place the handle onto the main body.

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Weight 35 oz

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  1. Alan Seiler

    I love this seeder. It is made with so much thought and detail it’s stands out from other seeders. It works well in all soil types and has a good range in what conditions it can perform in. I have used it in dry and wet soils and works like a champ in either. The rear wheel has a foam covering that doesn’t allow the wet dirt to stick to it and also has a mud cutting piece to make sure nothing builds up. If you have ever tried to seed in wet conditions you know how important that is.

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