The Urban Farmer: Tips on Selling Into New Markets and Sourcing Products from Other Farmers (FSFS22)

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Tips on Sourcing Products from Other Farmers and Providing Good Customer Service

  • If you are short on products, consider sourcing products from other farmers in your area who grow quality products.
  • If you have extra products, consider selling them to other farmers who are short.  It gives you a quick sale, in quantity.
  • It is critically important to maintain good relationships with all of your customers.
  • Constantly ask for feedback with customers.

    • What’s good, what’s bad.
    • Ask how they are using the product.
    • Ask questions that get you answers that you can uses versus bland, useless questions that don’t give you actionable direction.
  • Breaking into a new market?

    • Is there demand in that market?  If not, you may need to move somewhere where there is demand.
    • Is there a niche there that another farmer isn’t filling that you could fill?
    • Talk to other farmers to get a read on the market.
    • Talk to restaurants and chefs to see if there is demand in that market.
  • When you are talking to chefs, respect their time.  Go to them offering value.  How can you help them?
  • Be on the ball when you are communicating with your customers.  Be proactive. 
  • Can you sell more to your existing customers, versus adding more customers.
  • More products allow you to enable a wider customer base.

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