The Urban Farmer: The Urban Farmer Season Wrap Up and Looking Ahead – Thanks for Listening (FSFS39)

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12 replies on “The Urban Farmer: The Urban Farmer Season Wrap Up and Looking Ahead – Thanks for Listening (FSFS39)

  • James S

    Great stuff as usual. I’ve learned lots listening to all this season’s episodes and thinking about how to apply some of these principles when I move to my property to start growing hops and mushrooms.

  • Dawn

    Really appreciated this series. First of all, Curtis is very articulate, speaks well in public. There are great farmers out there that don’t interview well, but Curtis is quite the opposite. Second, I loved that you took the series all the way through the season; even though some weeks, there wasn’t a ton going on in the ground beyond same old same old, you guys still had enough to talk about to make a worthwhile episode. I am a part time livestock farmer growing zero veg for sale, so I initially thought this series wouldn’t be for me. I started into it anyway because I’m from BC as well and I’d heard of Curtis through the grapevine up here. But it turns out that it wasn’t what Curtis grew that mattered as much as his methodology and meticulousness, the way he planned, how he marketed it, how he handled record keeping, employees, work/life balance, how he meshed productivity and marketing with his personal values, etc. That said, I haven’t listened to all the episodes – I think I’m back around episode 20, but I’ll get there. Thanks to both of you for the series, and I hope Curtis’s book sells well.

    • Diego

      Thanks Dawn. I appreciate the feedback. Good to hear that this spread beyond the straight veg growers. Thanks for tuning in.

  • Bob G.

    I found this podcast very helpful, even being in north Florida. I tried farming when I first got out of high school and it did not go well. listening to this podcast help me realize my head was not in the right place. now I am married and my wife wants to make a go at it. I am in a much better place to help and guide her. we are trying the stale seed bed method this year and will see how it goes. Curtis is very down to earth, and gives very clear exact advice. thanks for all that you both do. hope you both keep up the good work. best of luck!

  • Jeff T

    Diego and Curtis,
    Great show guys! Thanks for such a great education of an urban farming season. So many take aways to count them. Matrix, planning, forward thinking, rolling on with a focus and keeping all that negative energy away are a few worth mentioning. The audio was clear, the conversation light, and the information was so helpful.

    I have a small garden plot at my house and we are looking to buy a farm this spring. The podcasts were very insightful and I cant wait to get started.

    Best of luck guys.

  • Sabre Mrkva

    I am not a farmer, I am not even a gardener. In fact my husband is the one that waters the plants in our house. However, I listened to every episode all season and I got a lot out of it. I loved that each show drilled in to such specifics because it showed the thinking and thought process behind the day to day of running a business and all the little and the big problem solving that goes on. I liked hearing about all the systems, record keeping, and even about the tools and farming tips. It is a pleasure to listen to two intelligent inquisitive and eloquent people have an in depth conversation. No matter what the topic, a productive conversation will teach you a lot. So I learned about a lot of things that are very applicable to starting a my own business, some day soon. Every business has similar challenges of learning about the market, packaging, servicing, and every business also has a seasonality- a peak production time. It is good to hear strategies about how to gear up to maximize the peak season and to make the best use of time planning in the slower part of the season. And of course the show made me appreciate the farmers at my farmer’s market and to appreciate all the work that goes into all the veggies I take home. It is a great show. The hard work and dedication that went in to making the show has filtered out beyond what you may expect. I started listening to the podcast right after PV2 was over, and it has been a journey listening all year long and a bright spot in my day. I was waiting and waiting to hear about PV3 and signed up right away. I am getting increasingly more PUMPED as the date approaches. I’ve got a lot of preparing to do! I can’t wait!

  • nina

    Thank you! I’m a stay at home mom homeschooling my kids, and I enjoyed this series. I love growing food in my tiny backyard and the ideas on how to process and save time are things that really help me make my time in the garden the most productive. The business side of the podcasts I also enjoyed even if it isn’t something I need today… but who knows what the future will bring.


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